Laconic Software

Put A Realistic Flame Effect On Your Desktop!

Laconic Software releases Fantastic Flame Screensaver 5.10


Voronezh, Russia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/25/2006 --This nifty screensaver sets your desktop ablaze. When you fire up Fantastic Flame Screensaver (no pun intended), each item on your desktop - including icons and all open windows - will appear to catch on fire, glowing and emitting a smoke effect. Also, plenty of backgrounds (zodiac signs, some movies and games posters, etc.) come included. For example, you can bring an awsome burning BIOHAZARD sign on your display!

The crackling and popping sounds and chimes that accompany the screensaver are very nice! There are several fire sounds to choose from. Also, you can set your favorite music for playing in background.

Fantastic Flame Screensaver has a lot of very different self-explanatory colorful flame styles, such as: Wood, Petroleum, Thermovisor, Propane, Hypericin, Metallic Ice, Copper Oxide, Orchid and many others (more than 70 in total!).

Finally, Fantastic Flame has the Random Flame Style - you never get tired of watching!

A nice feature: using the 'ENTER' key, you even can capture a picture of your burning desktop. Moreover, you can adjust the fire parameters, turn on and off flame sound and music, load flame styles and backgrounds on-the-fly without exiting the screensaver!

The feature-packed, well-organized Preferences window lets you alter the flame palette, speed, spires length and flame intensity, change the wind direction, and choose how quickly the flames fade out on exit.

Specially for Pyromaniacs this program includes Fantastic Flame Agent. This feature allows to launch Fantastic Flame Screensaver anytime you want by double-click on a small flame icon in the System Tray or by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F hotkey.

Fantastic Flame Screensaver is US$19.95 shareware. It requires any Windows PC and it’s available from the Laconic Software web site ( and all major Windows software download sites. Version 5.10 is a free upgrade to registered users of any earlier version.

Though it may sound particularly exciting, we think this screensaver is worth downloading for the novelty value alone and should be a nice piece of software on your PC due to its cool, one-of-a-kind approach. Your friends will say: Oh, your desktop is BURNING!