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Alventis Announces a Breakthrough in Information Management

Alventis Corporation unveils its new information management application suite called Alventis. It is the first application to satisfy the needs of both individual users and small or medium enterprise, while not requiring any programming expertise.


Montreal, Quebec, Canada -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/28/2006 --Alventis Corporation announces the immediate availability of its new information management application suite called Alventis.

A new kind of database application, Alventis bridges the gap between a personal information manager (PIM) and an industrial-strength database management system (DBMS). It is the first application in the industry to cover the full spectrum of data management needs, ranging from those of individual computer users - to those of the small or medium enterprise, while not requiring the database designer to have any programming or development expertise.

Alventis starts by offering the user a variety of tables and data-entry forms that are usable "out-of-the-box". This alone would constitute a fairly competent PIM, but Alventis goes far beyond that.

All tables and forms are fully user-customizable. A user can make changes to the existing forms and tables, as well as create new ones from scratch using a highly-efficient integrated development environment (IDE) called Alventis Designer. This standalone development application uses a novel approach to designing tables, fields, and forms (which does not rely on property sheets, coding, or macros) to accomplish essentially the same application development tasks as such well-known environments as Microsoft Access, FileMaker, Alpha Five, or Oracle. Alventis achieves much of the same result with absolutely no programming required.

The user starts by specifying the fields to be included in a table. This is performed by simply filling out a spreadsheet-like list. Once this is done, the form is created or modified with drag-and-drop ease. Advanced formatting and sophisticated layout control is afforded by tools that work very much like their counterparts found in many modern word-processors. As a result, even relational database solutions can be implemented in mere minutes, all without writing a single line of code.

Search is another unique aspect of Alventis. Searches can be performed on as many data tables as desired, regardless of their structure. The tables themselves may belong to different databases, which in turn may reside on different servers. Alventis is capable of working concurrently with local data, as well as an unlimited number of data sources via shared or peer-to-peer access, and an equally unlimited number of Alventis servers, accessible in true client/server mode. The results of a search are presented in a cumulative list, even though the searched tables may have heterogeneous structures. A user can work simultaneously with as many search result lists as needed, each list being based on its own set of tables, databases, and servers.

A number of other important features deserve at least a brief mention:

· Banded reports can be created on-the-fly with unprecedented ease since report layout and formatting operations are identical to those used in common word-processing.
· Alventis supports rich text Memo fields, so each table can, in effect, contain one or more modern word-processors, which afford the user with the tools to produce documents with complex layout and formatting, such as nested tables, embedded graphics, bulleted and numbered outline lists, and so on.
· A sophisticated multi-user security model based on hierarchical group access privileges allows for fine-grained control over user's rights.
· Record grouping, sorting, filtering, and dynamic summaries offer rapid data visualization.
· Full-text indexing ensures lightening-fast searches, which are performed "live", as the user types the search expression (which can include Boolean logic and wildcards).
· Data-entry forms can be created or modified even if they are in active use while the database is on-line.

A powerful and flexible database management solution for non-programmers, Alventis offers unprecedented ease of use combined with the shortest learning curve.

Alventis is available for all current Windows versions in three competitively-priced editions: Standard (US$80), Professional (US$160), and Enterprise (US$450). The latter edition includes the server.

More information, including a free 30-day trial version may be obtained by visiting the Alventis Web site

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Alventis Corporation is a privately-held company specializing in design of scalable database software. Based in Montréal, Canada, Alventis has developed an expertise in lightweight enterprise-class applications offering both individual and business users unprecedented flexibility coupled with remarkable ease of use.