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New Service Helps Small Businesses Save 30-60 Percent on Training

Small businesses get training at prices they can afford thanks to a new online service.


Toronto, ON, Canada -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/29/2006 --Finally, a service comes to Canada that levels the playing field for small business when it comes to professional development. Since Last Minute Training opened up its doors this year, small business owners and employees can finally access the same training seminars used by Canada’s leading companies—at special discounted rates.

Combining a unique business idea and state-of-the-art technology, Last Minute Training is the only company of its kind in Canada to sell professional development seminars online, at the last minute, at incredible savings. Last Minute Training offers small business owners the opportunity to search an extensive online catalogue, find seminars of interest, and purchase them at rates from 30% to 60% less than the original cost.

As employers of all sizes strive to maximize productivity, employee development has never been more important for small business owners than it is today. According to Last Minute Training President Louis Trahan, “Training keeps a business competitive by ensuring its employees have up-to-date, relevant professional skills. In addition, offering ongoing training is essential to attracting and keep the best employees. Our company makes this possible for small business owners.”

“Right now increasing skills requirements in the workplace are outpacing the number of students graduating our basic education system,” Trahan adds. “That leaves less qualified workers to hire. In order to remain competitive, small businesses need to invest in developing their existing employees.”

The problem is that for most small businesses the cost of this type of training is out of reach. In fact, in the 2003 Statistics Canada Adult Education and Training Survey, training costs were cited as the number one barrier to receiving training. The second was being too busy at work.

“Participation in skills development training is up,” says Trahan, “but while younger employees are willing to invest in their careers, many older workers look to their employers to subsidize their training.”

Employees who work in large corporations can expect their employers to pay for training, but many small business owners simply can’t afford this cost. That’s where Last Minute Training comes in. By negotiating special last-minute prices on training seminars and workshops, the company makes training more affordable and accessible to small business.

“Most of the seminars sold on our site are half a day to three days in duration, so time away from the office is minimized. And our prices are 30% to 60% less than the regular fees, making training more affordable,” says Trahan.

Last Minute Training goes even further by allowing small businesses to “bid” on seminars and workshops. Not all bids are accepted, but often, training suppliers will agree to reduced fees, especially if they have had participant cancellations.

Small business owners interested in learning more about great deals on training may visit the company’s website at .

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