Prosperity And Success On The Line

Personal prosperity and enrichment is the goal of a recently launched mobile phone service that uses a combination of spirituality, 'positive thinking' techniques and mobile phone technology.


Cardiff, South Wales, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/03/2006 --The fact that research shows a close link between personal success and a positive mental attitude, will come as no surprise to most people. But how many people apply this proven principle to their own lives? This principle is particularly evident in the area of personal prosperity and is borne out by the fact that many of the most successful and wealthy businessmen today exhibit a powerful sense of self worth and optimism.

Based on these principles, a new worldwide mobile phone service has been launched that in combination with other positive thinking techniques is designed to help develop a positive and prosperous mindset.

The idea is that by adopting a positive attitude you can become more prosperous, which can include anything from making more money to simply having more time with the family.

"So many people just don't realize that their own negative thoughts could be sabotaging their chances of success. And so often these negative beliefs are completely unfounded and simply serve to further feed self doubt. We consider it our goal to put a stop to such negative self talk and help people develop a more healthy and positive outlook on life" said a spokesperson for, the 'positive mindset' website.

"People are often fearful of being broke and focus on what they don't have. In metaphysical terms this is the exact opposite of what needs to be done. The secret is to keep a positive focus on what we have and what we really want. Prosperity loves a prosperous attitude and if we can achieve it, research shows that success and prosperity are there for the taking."

The service works by sending messages which are designed to boost self esteem and a sense of well being direct to your mobile phone. The messages are also designed to act as emotional triggers to help identify any underlying emotional issues. Communications are deliberately randomized to create a state of expectation or surprise. For further details please visit, the 'positive mindset' website, specializes in achieving and maintaining a 'winning attitude' for success in all aspects of life. From performance enhancement to improving health, wealth and happiness.