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GameRail Establishes Network Presence in the Bandwidth Exchange Buildings

High Performance Online Gaming Network Provider launches connectivity and services offerings in St. Louis’ “Most Wired” building.


St. Louis, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/04/2006 --Progression Networks, dba, GameRail (http://www.GameRail.com) today announced that the “Meet Me Room” of the Bandwidth Exchange on Walnut Street in downtown St. Louis, Mo has been selected to be the initial network node for the GameRail Network.

GameRail operates an ultra high speed network that directly connects online game players to the servers that host the most popular and demanding titles. By deploying with a unique network peering approach to ISP’s, Universities, MSO’s and Game Hosting Providers, GameRail is able to deliver superior performance to its subscribers.

“Because of the Peering opportunities with the Bandwidth Exchange Buildings’ existing clients, we are able to fast start our network and also provide superior performance for our peer’s online gaming subscribers” Said GameRail’s CEO Blake Ashby. “Turning up in a carrier hotel like the Bandwidth Exchange Buildings also give us rapid access to leading carriers to build a national network” Ashby furthered.

The GameRail Network is an evolution in the network model specifically designed to minimize latency and improve a computer gamer’s online experience. The design of the GameRail Network will allow gaming traffic to get on the private network in the gamer’s home city and then transit over the private network all the way to the site of the game server. GameRail will cut the number of network hops dramatically and will consequently reduce inherent latency. And because the data stays on the network end-to-end, GameRail is able to optimize the flow of the traffic, even further reducing network delays. GameRail will offer significantly improved connectivity to computer gamers. GameRail will redefine the expectations of what constitutes a quality online gaming experience.

About The Bandwidth Exchange Buildings
The Bandwidth Exchange Buildings, located in downtown St. Louis, are the heaviest concentration of bandwidth, collocation, web hosting, data center and telecommunications providers in the region. The Bandwidth Exchange Buildings provide space from as large as a 22,000 square foot floor to as small as a single cabinet or rack.

About GameRail
Progression Networks, dba GameRail, a Missouri LLC, is a facilities-based network operator that is dedicated to delivering superior performance to the online gaming community. GameRail directly connects game players to their favorite game hosts and vice versa, thereby eliminating game play degrading high latency hops on the Internet. GameRail management is an accomplished, multi disciplined, tenured team with operational experience stemming from ISP, CLEC, Gaming, and Web Hosting industries with engineering, financial, customer support, sales and marketing backgrounds.