StartupNation Tips for Creating a Successful Startup on eBay

Experts Jeff and Rich Sloan and Kevin Harmon Reveal the Secrets to a Successful Startup on eBay


Birmingham, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/06/2006 --Jeff and Rich Sloan, entrepreneurial experts and hosts of the nationally-syndicated StartupNation Radio program,, and eBay success Kevin Harmon of Inflatable Madness, offer five simple tips for eBay success:

1. Find supply
Conduct extensive research online and off. Attend tradeshows and network with the manufacturers and distributors who can give you the right products and prices. "You have to find the people and do the work," states Kevin.
"You can't just look on the Internet."

2. Buy lower and sell low
Unlike others, find and sell products at a low price. Concentrate on purchasing the right items from the appropriate suppliers so you can offer a competitive price.

3. Provide excellent customer service
It's important to provide good products at a fair price, but don't forget about service. Customers will return to your site when they have a pleasant experience and tell their friends.

4. Have a good attitude
Pricing, trends and other aspects of e-commerce fluctuate frequently so you need to be ready for change. Always keep a positive attitude and anticipate potential issues and problems that may arise.

5. Market your business
After setting up shop, be sure to promote your products and services. Focus on your unique benefits and the four P's of marketing: product, price, place and promotion. "Business is simple," states Jeff Sloan. "It's the execution that's tough." In your business plan, include funds for printing of stationery, marketing materials, advertising, public relations, event or trade show attendance or sponsorship, trade association or chamber of commerce membership fees, travel and entertainment for client meetings, mailing or lead lists.

In 2002, Kevin Harmon started Inflatable Madness, selling media online such as DVD's, CD's, video games, and books. Today, his store is ranked number 50 on eBay, and he earns yearly revenues of over $4 million. visitors can get more information about starting an eBay business on Kevin's Blog at

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