EfficientLab Releases Work Examiner 1.50

New Application Improves Employee Discipline And Increases Productivity.


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/06/2006 --Work Examiner 1.50 is a newly upgraded employee monitoring and worktime analysis software application that helps companies enforce PC/Internet use policy and make sure their employees use computers appropriately.

Work Examiner 1.50 tracks what applications and documents were accessed by employees and logs how much time was spent working with each program or file, providing thorough reports for each worker on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Importantly, the software comes without keylogger and screen capture modules, due to the fact a number of former employees have successfully sued businesses for invasion of their privacy because their contracts did not contain appropriate clauses.

Work Examiner 1.50 can be easily configured to filter or otherwise restrict access to certain applications and web sites entirely or during specified hours. The program will automatically alert a manager any time an employee tries to launch a banned application (like Spider Solitaire, for instance) or attempts to access a black-listed website. The software can also be used to send out instant messages, notifications and reminders to all employees, provided their computers are in the same Local Area Network.

Work Examiner 1.5 reporting module is easily configured and can provide important worktime use information, like how much time was spent by a group of employees working a certain project; how much time an average workers spends using the Internet or e-mail or what certain employees did on a specified date or during a specified time interval.

For a limited time, Work Examiner 1.5 is available at http://workexaminer.com/ for free evaluation. The program can be quickly deployed throw the network and does not require individual installation for ach PC.

The price of registering Work Examiner 1.5 is 49 US Dollars per copy (1-9 copies). Volume and educational discounts are available. Orders for 200+ licenses are negotiated individually.

If you would like to get a comment, request a reviewer copy, have a businesses proposal, want to become an authorized reseller or have any other inquiry, please contact Alexander Makhanev at support@workexaminer.com

System Requirements: PII-300, 64Mb RAM, 50Mb+ HDD

Company: EfficientLab

Product Page: http://workexaminer.com
Download: http://workexaminer.com/download/WE_Full.zip
Screenshot: http://workexaminer.com/scr/scr_m.gif
Buy: http://workexaminer.com/order.html