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River Vale, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/13/2006 --Travel sites abound. There are thousands of them. Consumers are faced with the daunting task of figuring out where the best deal is on the net. The founders of know that feeling. We have been avid family travelers to places throughout the world. Our journeys first prompted us to start the popular, providing family travelers with a way to share their experience at hotels, airlines, cruiselines and adventure travel companies. Now, we have taken it one step further and focused on the travel deal.

Millions of people book their travel on a handful of major online travel sites. These sites use such enticing words as “Hot Deal”, “Lowest Price”, “Last Minute”, “Top Deals” and more. What we have done at is dissected their contention that they have the best deals. In fact, we find many, many times that the best deals are at the property, airline, or cruise line website. We have contacted some of these large travel sites and found out that they can’t provide us with an exclusive deal, because in many cases, they don’t have exclusive access from the original provider. In addition, we have found that they charge exorbitant fees that are couched in phrases such as Taxes and Fees, failing to provide the consumer with the actual $ amounts they are getting for the transaction. In some cases, Taxes and Fees have been upwards of 25% of the cost of the purchase. A simple comparison of the originator site and the online conglomerate travel site shows you that this Taxes and Fees line is padded. When you multiply it by millions of consumers, you can see how these sites can make substantial profits.

Also, we have found that if you book on many of the major online sites, you can’t obtain Reward points from many of the large hotel chains. Lots of people don’t know about this. Can you imagine, not only do you pay more, but you can’t get credit for your stay to earn future stays or benefits? The large online travel sites clearly have the upper hand and it is time that they are exposed.

If you visit on a daily basis, you will see time and time again how many of the major sites rates are worse than other alternatives and how much research you have to do in order to get the best deal out there. Booking online travel takes on the impression that it saves time, but in reality if the consumer is not armed with researched information, they can in fact pay more.

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