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Bishop Riah Calls for Peace With Justice


Sydney, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/13/2006 --Last Friday night, Dulwich Hill had the privilege of playing host to the Right Reverend Riah Abu El-Assal - Episcopal Bishop of Jerusalem, whose Diocese includes all of Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

Speaking after dinner at Morris' Egyptian restaurant, Bishop Riah urged all who attended to do whatever they could to help bring justice to the Palestinian people. He said that justice for Palestine was the key to peace in the Middle East.

He also called upon all Australians to confront the Howard government about its subservience to the US, and to bring home Australian troops from Iraq.

"Peace is possible, providing that it is established on truth and justice. There can be no peace without justice. You cannot establish peace on dead bodies or demolished homes or trees uprooted, turned into toothpicks! No! There is a way to peace, and in my opinion it is peace that is the way."

Father Dave, who organised the event, said it was a great success and that all who attended were inspired by the Bishop's humility and energy. He said, "Bishop Riah is a beacon of hope in one of the darkest areas of our world."

Bishop Riah's address has been podcasted on Father Dave's website - - where it is available free of charge to whoever would like to listen to it.