New Website Is Dedicated to the United States In Bible Prophecy


Covington, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/13/2006 --Most students of Bible prophecy believe that the United States is curiously absent from prophecy but that is the exact opposite of the truth. The Bible has more to say about the United States than any other nation except Israel. You just need to know what name God has given the United States. provides uniquely accurate information about the United States in Bible prophecy. All prophetic interpretations are proven using U.S. history and current events. Visitors will learn how to prepare for soon coming nation wide detestation that will kill untold millions and change the United States forever.

Visitors to will learn about the end time events of Bible prophecy which come from the Book of Revelation. They'll learn that the Bible predicts many events for the world. These include: a coming tribulation upon the world, a beast government identified by the number 666, a one world government and one world religion or New World Order (NWO), and a world ruler known as the Antichrist. The Bible says that there will come a time when everyone is required to accept a mark in order to buy or sell, this is known as the mark of the beast. The Bible says we are not to accept the mark.

What role does the United States play in these events? A worldwide satanic organization known as the Illuminati provides the leadership and much of the funding for the coming NWO but most of the leadership in the Illuminati comes from the United States. History clearly shows that the U.S. has played a leadership role in planning, organizing, and funding the coming NWO. The Bible predicted this nearly 2000 years ago. Further, the Bible clearly says that Babylon will head the NWO and will be responsible for ushering in the mark of the beast. Babylon and the United States are one and the same

This is what is very unique about this website. Not only is the United States identified as Babylon but it is proven using historical documentation. How was this done? Simply, you just take all the descriptions of Babylon and you compile the unique historical facts that are unique to the United States for each description. While it may be a simple process, it required hundreds of published books and articles as reference sources and over 10,000 hours of research and writing. The result was a two volume eBook series entitled “The Soon Coming Judgment of God Upon America and How To Escape It.”

Why is this important to Americans? Bible prophecy clearly says the Babylon will be destroyed in one-hour in a fiery judgment. This is widely accepted to be a nuclear holocaust. The Good news is that the Bible says that there is protection for those who come out of Babylon. Just what it means to come out of Babylon and how it is accomplished is explained in the ebooks which can be downloaded from

What are a few of the unique characteristics which identify the United States as Babylon? Babylon is the last great nation in earths history and she has a mother nation (i.e. England). It is a land of immigrants. It is a huge nation dwelling on many waters (i.e. the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Lakes). It is rich in natural resources. It is the envy of the nations of the world. It is the richest nation on earth and its warehouses are full. It has extensive seaports and the merchants of the earth grow rich because of her imports. Her businessman are the great men of the earth. She is the policeman of the earth and has the greatest military on earth. She was birthed as a Christian nation but has become the most religiously diverse nation on earth. It is a nation of liars. Finally, Babylon has a great City which "reignth over the kings of the earth"(i.e. New York the home of Wall Street and the United Nations).

A study of judgments in the Bible shows that natural disasters and wars typically come as warnings from God before the destruction of a nation. Therefore, Americans can expect increased natural disasters in the form of hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods and fires. They can expect increased terrorism and wars. provides information on how to be spiritually prepared and how to receive God's protection.