PortaWhiz.com Goes on Line– Offering Quality Software for the Pocket PC and Smartphones


Castelford, Yorkshire, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/13/2006 --PortaWhiz went online for the first time at www.portwhiz.com. This company is focused on creating practical, everyday software programs for hand held devices such as the Pocket PC and Smartphone.

The sales of Pocket PC's and Smartmobiles are increasingly rapidly, as they enable the user to carry out many of the same functions as on the home computer, whilst giving the user mobility and hence added convenience. As more and more people purchase these 'portable computers', there is a growing demand for corresponding software in order to increase their functionality and fun-tionality.

PortaWhiz has been founded in response to that demand. There are currently 2 software titles available at PortaWhiz – Info Manager and FTP client for Pocket PC, and the range of programs available is projected to dramatically increase over the next few months. Within 2 months the next 2 software titles will be released; Dictaphone and Shopping Assistant.

Info Manager enables you to organize and securely store your important, personal and sensitive information in an encrypted database file. This information is then accessible from a Pocket PC, and the personal computer

The FTP Client for Pocket PC enables files and directories between the computer and the FTP server to be transfered fast, and easily.

Pricing and Availability
All PortaWhiz programs come with free tech support and free one year program upgrades. 'PortaWhiz Info Manager' and 'PortaWhiz FTP client' are available for sale at http://www.portawhiz.com for US $14.95.
Free 14-day trial versions are available via an electronic download from www.portawhiz.com

Further information is available at info@portawhiz.com