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New On-Line Membership Club to Help Early Burners in the City Escape the Rat Race

Too many people these days are 'slaves' to money, rather than making money work for them. A new monthly on-line membership club brings insider secrets from major marketing millionaires - where they 'Spill Their Guts' for the members. So - set your mind to 'Millionaire' status, and copy the Masters to achieve your own financial freedom.


Cambridgeshire, England, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/16/2006 --Many City workers that have had high power jobs since their early 20’s are beginning to suffer with what is known in London circles as ’Early Burn ’.

They are almost all highly qualified employees of Top City Firms, and because of this, many of these employees complain that they are treated like slaves. Overnight working at short notice to complete some vital contract or such thing is a common complaint. Although they may be on good earnings, many of these ‘Early Burners’ are becoming totally disillusioned with the time stolen from their families, friends and hobbies, even though they may be getting good chunks of income in return.

As Stephen Callers, a research worker at a large London Law Firm said “It’s OK to find large juicy bonuses in the bank most months, but in reality, there is a limit to how much control the Firm can have over our time. Even when we manage to take a holiday, we worry all the time that some other upstart will have muscled in by the time we got back! That’s not a break, its mental torture!”

With keen and searching minds, and with a determination to use their skills for their own financial freedom, many of them are searching for an escape route off this treadmill, but do not know who to speak to or where to get advice from to enable this ‘Great Escape’.

Interestingly for many of these ‘wage slaves’ a new monthly Membership Club, aptly called Millionaires Mentors, is being launched on the internet at the beginning of November, by Horizon Marketing Ltd. This is a pre-launch sign-up page until the site goes live. http://www.millionairesmentors.com

Its main objective is to present to its members a series of monthly interviews with the rich and famous, where they ‘Spill their Guts’ to members on how they became Millionaires of independent means, laying the beginnings of the paths to even more financial security, but this time under each member’s control.

As well as top direct marketers such as Joe Sugarman, (BlueBlocker Sunglasses), Michael Boehm (Inventor of the George Foreman Grill), Ken Kerr – he’s the chap that was behind Disney’s Epcot Center, Dan Wheeler (QVC’s biggest host and $Billion seller), leading Internet Marketeering millionaires such as Stephen Pierce, Marlon Sanders, Yanik Silver are all lined up for the benefit of all members.

Many of these ‘Early Burn’ people seem to think that the performance of superstars such as Bill Gates, Alan Sugar, Richard Branson, are outside of their reach, but we all have the capability to create and nurture a ‘Millionaire Mind’. The hardest part is the belief in your own ability to achieve what you desire, and to satisfy your dreams.

The Millionaires Mentors Club has been designed to encourage this attitude in its members, to overturn the great desire to work for money, as taught in our Establishment and towards a more liberalized society where we make money work for us. Here is the sign up page again. http://www.millionairesmentors.com