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Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce founder talks with Pat Lynch on


Tacoma, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/30/2006 --Virtual Assistance is becoming more and more well-known, but business owners seeking the services of a Virtual Assistant are increasingly having a difficult time wading through the vast Internet wildnerness to separate the truly qualified professional Virtual Assistants from those who have little to no experience or only entry-level skill sets.

The Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce is working hard to help business owners become more informed consumers of Virtual Assistant services, and providing them with the tools and resources to find highly skilled, professional Virtual Assistants to support them. Its founder, Danielle Keister, recently spoke with Pat Lynch of Women’s Radio (

“We at the Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce are on a mission to help business owners become more aware of Virtual Assistance. We want them to know that ours is a profession of highly-skilled administrative experts that exists to provide strategic, cost-effective administrative support to the small business owner who doesn’t have the time, space or budget for in-house staff. The industries we currently serve are only a fraction of those we could be helping to achieve greater levels of business success,” declares Keister.

To serve the mainstream business community, the Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce only accepts Virtual Assistant members who meet a certain standard of qualification. Its website has a wealth of information for business owners wanting to find out more about Virtual Assistants, including the definitive guide “How to Hire a Virtual Assistant: Your 10-Step Guide in Finding the Perfect Fit” (

Business owners can use the “Request for Partnership” page ( to submit information and have qualified Virtual Assistants respond to them directly. Alternatively, there is a professional Virtual Assistant directory ( where business owners can search by geographic area, business name, and even specific services needed.

All of this is provided as a free service to business owners.

You can hear the full interview on here:

ABOUT THE VACOC: The Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce ( is a professional association of Virtual Assistants worldwide to promote shared business interests, opportunities and advancement of the Virtual Assistance profession. It is dedicated to bringing the worlds of mainstream business and Virtual Assistance together. Its resources and programs help Virtual Assistants and their clients run better businesses.