Run My Credit

RMCR Inc. today announced that it has signed a joint marketing agreement with ZaaZoom Solutions LLC (ZaaZoom).

RMCR Inc. and ZaaZoom Solutions LLC have formed an Alliance in a Collaborative Venture on Solutions for Identity Theft via: Credit Reports and Credit Monitoring - Providing Enriched and Productive User Experiences


Boca Raton, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/18/2006 --RMCR Inc. today announced that it has signed a joint marketing agreement with ZaaZoom Solutions LLC (ZaaZoom). Zaazoom executives previously managed approximately 800 affiliate partners for a publicly traded NASDAQ company that sells credit reports, credit monitoring and Identity theft protection services. Through this new relationship, both companies will be mutually exclusive to each other - ZaaZoom will manage only RMCR’s credit report and credit monitoring services with their network of affiliate partners and in a like manner, RMCR will use only ZaaZoom to manage the marketing of all their internet affiliate relationships.

ZaaZoom is prepared to provide affiliate marketing systems and integration and consulting services for RMCR’s suite of credit report and credit monitoring products. The joint agreement entails a plan whereby both companies pursue new business opportunities that increase the development and distribution of solutions for identity theft. RMCR’s products will be promoted through which is a proprietary web domain of ZaaZoom. The above-mentioned web address directs customers to an internet based site that is as consumer friendly and informative as RMCR’s very own This exciting venture is expected to provide customers with an enriched and productive user experience.

RMCR Inc’s main goals have always been to ensure high levels quality control, customer satisfaction and security. The core business values of both parties are similar in many aspects. This arrangement with ZaaZoom is one that is expected to blossom into a very successful and productive relationship.