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MailFoundry Releases New Email Filtering Engine Technology : MessageIQ 3.0

MailFoundry Releases New Email Filtering Engine Technology : MessageIQ 3.0


Green Bay, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/18/2006 --MailFoundry, the world’s leading provider of Human Intelligence based anti-spam solutions, today has announced it has released a new version of it’s MessageIQ email filtering engine technology with enhanced scanning capabilities and industry leading lowest false positive rates.

“MessageIQ 3.0 is an incredible filtering engine in it’s ability to quickly identify and kill new types of spam, but also with it’s increased performance in processing messages.” remarked David C. Troup, CEO and Founder of MailFoundry. “This is a new anti-spam engine from the ground up in terms of filtering technology and is built on a completely new code base. MessageIQ 3.0 represents the next generation of email filtering technology that leapfrogs over everything else out there.”

MailFoundry’s Message IQ 3.0 anti-spam system is based on targeted spam profiles created by a team of editors who work 24x7x365 and send out rule updates every 5 minutes. As a result, MailFoundry has the lowest false positive rates in the anti-spam industry, less than 1 in one million while delivering spam kill rates upwards of 99% with 100% out of the box performance.

“MessageIQ 3.0 is able to identify spam, viruses and phishing emails more accurately and quickly adapt to new, unknown styles of spam attacks as they happen.” said Troup. “With purpose built profiles, there are no ‘grey mail’ issues found in other systems that attempt to identify spam with heuristics. Those systems guess at spam, MessageIQ knows spam, removes it and delivers legitimate emails to user’s inboxes.”

MessageIQ 3.0 is available for today in all of MailFoundry’s line of email filtering appliances and hosted email filtering services.

MailFoundry is a leading provider of anti-spam appliances and subscription services based on human intelligence spam profiles that protect more than four million email addresses world-wide. MailFoundry’s line of network appliances protect up to 30,000 users per unit and each come with a free 30 day trial. MailFoundry is also available as a hosted service with no hardware or software to install.

MailFoundry can be reached online at, 1-888-302-MAIL (6245). Press inquiries via email at