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Giganews Releases Embedded Social Bookmarking, RSS, and Atom Support

Giganews has implemented support for embedded social bookmarking, RSS, and Atom feeds. These measures will allow Giganews customers to receive news and announcements directly in their preferred newsfeed reader.


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/19/2006 --In an effort to improve customer experience and communication, Giganews, Inc. has unveiled support for embedded social bookmarking and RSS / Atom feeds for its corporate website.

Atom and RSS feeds, collectively known as web feeds, allow Giganews to distribute news, announcements, and blog posts directly to end customers. Giganews' news and announcements are distributed through the RSS feed found at Giganews' blog posts are distributed through the Atom feed found at and the RSS feed found at

RSS & Atom feeds are commonly read through software known as an RSS/Atom reader. Some popular newsgroup clients also support RSS/Atom feeds, so Giganews' customers will be able to keep up with Giganews' news and announcements using the same software they use to enjoy Giganews' Usenet newsgroup service.

In addition to web feed support, Giganews has also embedded the ability to 'tag' and link interesting content on the Giganews website through popular social bookmarking sites, such as Digg (, ( and Technorati ( Embedded social bookmarking allows Giganews' customers to easily discuss and share their favorite Giganews content with their peers.

"Web feeds and social bookmarking are increasingly popular methods of keeping up with news and interesting content from all around the web. The feeds on our website are yet another way for us to keep our customers informed of new developments at Giganews," said Jonah Yokubaitis, Giganews CEO.

Updating Giganews' website with the latest in information sharing and distribution technologies was a natural step for Giganews in a busy year of service improvements including multiple binary newsgroup retention upgrades (up to 90 days), text newsgroup retention reaching over 1100 days, and multi-lingual website support.

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