BFO Announce World Class Text Extraction for PDF Library


London, England, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/19/2006 --Big Faceless Organization (BFO), provider of high quality Java software components, have enhanced the smartest Java class library on the market. Version 2.7.3 of the Big Faceless PDF Library includes heavily reworked font handling, providing enhanced performance to text extraction and PDF rendering in those slightly out of the ordinary documents.

CTO Mike Bremford, says “Font encodings have been completely reworked. Documents without embedded fonts, and those documents where the embedded fonts are non-standard, will all render accurately with this release.”

Other font-related changes will benefit users in China, Japan and Korea, where the improved support for non-Unicode encodings UCS2 or UTF16 will make legacy documents a little easier to deal with.

The upgrade will also benefit users in Eastern Europe – where improvements to the standard font classes mean it’s now possible to display Polish, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian and other ISO-8859-2 languages without embedding a font, resulting in smaller PDFs.

You can download a free fully functional trial version of the PDF Library at:

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About BFO: BFO is a global resource of Java components for the international B2B market. Products include the Big Faceless Report Generator, PDF and Graph Libraries. The client portfolio includes Boeing, Lehman Brothers, Harvard University, HSBC, Fannie Mae, Roche, Toyota and the US Department of Energy.