The Legends of Mernac

The Legends of Mernac Celebrates First Grand Prize Art Winner and Success Forces Move to Dedicated Server!

Due to overwhelming success of the high fantasy site,, Mernacian officials upgraded to a Dedicated Server


Pompano Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/20/2006 --The Legends of Mernac, announced the finalists and winners of their debut Art Contest last week, while simultaneously upgrading to a new dedicated server. The Fantasy Art Contest was such a success, that LoM decided to make the upgrade to better serve their artists. LoM knows that artists deal with online galleries frequently, and a slow site is a frustrating site, as many times their own online galleries fail to attract large audiences due to this problem. So, LoM decided to eliminate that problem. No matter how many images or artists that are in the Mernac Art Gallery your pages will still fly by! Perfect, since the contest inspired so many artists and the work created was such top quality professional art that there are now so many visitors viewing the Art in the Mernac Galleries.

At the Legends of Mernac, any artist can submit art to specific stories filling the tomes of LoM with illustrated short-stories. It is FREE to join LoM and all types of art are accepted. The only criteria being that the art specifically illustrates the story it’s submitted to. Says one user, “I already posted some art there because I like being able to pick up someone’s stories or character profiles and then making the image about them, ideal when my Muse decides to leave me.” There are currently over hundreds of inter-related and linked short-stories at Mernac, with more added every day by talented writers around the world, so there is never a short-coming with the Muses at Mernac. All the high fantasy fiction is based in the mythical world of Mernac and is expressed by means of a never-ending saga. Plus, new phases are currently under way, which including, animations, music, gaming, and even full-feature movies!

Another reason for LoM’s success is the synergy it has created between writers and artists. Many writers, in awe of the artists work, are now studying and learning from the artists, and vice versa. LoM hosts tutorials in art and writing that are FREE to all. Mernacians quickly find that the ability to work in this atmosphere fills their “wells of inspiration”, such as this user who says, “I look forward to writing and working with what seems to be a very talented and creative group of people. I hope to inspire and be inspired by each of you.” LoM has developed a close-knit community of artists, writers, and programmers and all find great success working together! Of course, as they are well known for, there are always art and writing contests in play, many opportunities for financial compensation for both writers and artists, and a welcoming supportive community for creative people from all walks of life.

To learn more about this project or to schedule an on-line interview with founder, Rick Merriman, please contact Heather Merriman, Director of Publicity at 954-298-5481 or