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Want to Make Big Money As a Real Estate Investor?

The popularity of many “Do-It-Yourself” television shows and real estate flipping shows has created an avalanche of people wanting to get in on the real estate investing game. The problem is not many people know how to get started. Richmond Investment Properties is helping investors by offering a monthly Bus Tour where 10 – 15 wholesale properties are sold to the highest bidder throughout the central Virginia area.


Glen Allen, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/23/2006 --Many people are looking to invest in real estate as the way to make a quick profit by rehabbing tired looking real estate. When you can buy a house at half price then sell for a $10,000 to $50,000 profit, it’s the fastest way to accumulate wealth.

Many investors make as much on one house deal as they do in a whole year at their job. Some active investors have even been able to kiss that day job goodbye because profits from real estate investing can far exceed their income from their day jobs.

The hardest part about getting started in real estate investing is finding moneymaking house deals. Entrepreneur and long time real estate investor Jim Ingersoll hosts a monthly investor bus tour where he takes 30 lucky wannabe investors out to see 10 – 15 super bargains in Richmond Metro area.

The Investor Bus Tour provides real estate properties needing various degrees of repair. Each of these houses are well below market value and have a very low starting bid. Every property is sold to the highest investor, through sealed bids, during the Bus Tour.

On the last bus tour, held October 13th, a duplex being used as a rental property in Petersburg, Virginia worth $115,000 (after rehab) sold for just $24,775 and another home in the historic district worth $195,000 sold for just $66,345. In just 5 hours on the bus Richmond Investment Properties sold a total of seven investment properties. Richmond Investment Properties has wholesaled a total of seventeen properties in the past two weeks. The profit potential in Central Virginia real estate is enormous.

Richmond Investment Properties provides sources of financing for the property as well as the rehab costs so it’s possible to get into one of these money making properties for as little as $1,000. The financing sources are not concerned about borrower’s credit issues or bank account; they are strictly equity-based lenders. With the investor bus tour it’s easier than ever get started as a real estate investor.

For more information about upcoming investor bus tours, contact Jim Ingersoll at 804-677-9025 or visit

About Richmond Investment Properties:

Richmond Investment Properties also buys individual houses or bundles of houses throughout the Central Virginia area from individuals or property management firms. Richmond Investment Properties will buy a house for any reason including, foreclosure, vacant house, divorce, job relocation, double payments, loss of income, death in the family or simply cannot keep up with the repairs. Fast closings are their specialty.

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