FranTech Asia , Inc. Global Online Investment Banking to Be Licensed By Global Frantech Group

New global capital markets breakthrough online - VistaWEB Global Signs Worldwide Agreement With GLOBAL FRANTECH GROUP To Market Licenses in 220 countries.


Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/24/2006 --VistaWEB.COM, Inc.,(Global Online Investment Banking) signed a non-exclusive Global Licensing Agreement with Global FranTech Group and FranTech Asia, (FranTech), of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India which grants FranTech the right to market VistaWEB Global Online Investment Banking licensed programs through FranTech's network of agents in 220 countries to governments and enterprises around the world.

The company explained that the VistaWEB Global Online Investment Banking is will be licensed to Securities / Broker Dealers that are Registered and Regulated under the Securities & Exchange Commission and conform to membership to the VistaWEB Global Online Direct Public Offering (DPO) Platform that offers Global Capital Transactions for distribution of SEC registered transactions.

VistaWEB is uniquely suited to meet the needs of capital funding, licensing, SME's and emerging technology growth companies in most countries

VistaWEB Global Online Investment Banking has been in the business directly to change the way government and business use Online Funding and Direct Investing to assist emerging technologies with growth companies, both domestically and internationally.

Donald P. Rinaldi, Chairman / CEO of VistaWEB & Vista Growth Capital Syndication., said, "We chose FranTech because of their tremendous geographic reach and proven track record in establishing licensing agreements."

With more than 35 years of experience, FranTech reports that VistaWEB gained substantial momentum during 2005 and into 2006, and market conditions are favorable for the balance of the year and longer-term. Millions of investors and corporations throughout the world have visited VistaWEB from 220 countries.

Global interest continues to grow to raise expansion capital via online investment banking versus the traditional 'closed system' not open to the general public.

Several leading high-tech companies have executed capital funding and M&A Agreements to capitalize and ramp-up proprietary technologies, USA and internationally.

FranTech licensing will add tremendously to VistaWEB's branding, marketing and technology initiatives that have been featured by our marketing affiliate, Google Awards VistaWEB Top Rankings.

And our new Strategic Information and Technology Alliance Partner, ProcSys, Bangalore, India, with construction of the recently announced VistaWEB Technology Center. VistaWEB is the leading global capital platform, and maintains its high-impact appeal with a new animated logo/header treatment and integrated signature line Connecting Capital & Technology©

It is VistaWEB's intention to continue to explore new strategic opportunities that will enhance Shareholder value and expand our dominant player position as investment banker of choice for online global investment banking.

We're intent on continually harnessing the latest web technologies to further enhance our enterprise. We invite you to join our expanding global network of Licensed Affiliates.

Vista Growth Capital Syndication
Register - List & License Your Technology

FranTech knows Online Global Investment Banking, International Finance Centers, VC Funding, trade policy, law, marketing, investment banking, and technology licensing /research. Its broad expertise, coupled with access to key enterprises and governmental decision makers, provides services uniquely valuable to VistaWEB Global Online Capital Funding services worldwide."

The company explained that FranTech's mission is to foster the development of the global economy by providing a global perspective to securities dealers, developers, marketers, manufacturers and innovators on newly emerging and preemptive technologies.

It offers world-class solutions for the licensing and transfer of USA and Global innovationist on emerging economies. Philip Nadeau, CEO of FranTech, said, "We see a tremendous market worldwide for VistaWEB facilitating the funding and growth of Emerging Technology, SME's in Europe, India, Australia and Asian regions finance programs for governments and emerging companies and already have interest from several countries.

We plan on developing brand name recognition and positioning of VistaWEB "Global Online Investment Banking" with many governmental agencies and private companies where we already have relationships in place."

About VistaWEB

Founded at Lehigh University in 1990, and inspired at the University Technology Center, VistaWEB created the leading Online Investment Banking architecture for Capital Formation for Emerging Technologies©. Today VistaWEB is a leading high-tech global investment banker of choice.

VistaWEB raises expansion capital to drive high-tech public and private companies for new product development / R&D, Mergers and Acquisitions, plant & equipment, debt and convertible debt to equity.

FranTech licensing is expanding VistaWEB internationally with Broker-Dealer Affiliates in London, Europe and Asia/Pacific. Our ten country licensing multi-national and multi-lingual global platform facilitates Cross-Border Trading with a centralized single-entry point, full connectivity and multiple currency conversions in real-time, 24x7.

After Merit Review & Approval, a company starts by listing on OmniWEB Accelerator to drive emerging technologies, Aerospace to Telecommunications.

And another 1st...

VistaWEB Direct Public Offering platform, Connecting Capital & Technology enables early-stage high-tech Public and Privately-Held Companies to list and raise capital. VistaWEB features DPO listings with our Strategic Partner on the new ATSElectronic Market*, SEC and NASD Regulated, for capital funding and Electronic Trading Symbols for "after-market" trading. Unconventional? Absolutely.

As a Global Investment Bank born in the electronic age, we're boldly going where no Investment Bank has ever gone. But you don't revolutionize an industry by adopting a strategy based on a traditional model then licensing it into 220 countries.

VistaWEB Investment Banking Direct Public Offering Micro-Architecture VistaWEB raises funds for high-tech Private and Public transactions for equity capital, debt and convertible debt to equity for R&D, new product development, plant & equipment and acquisitions. Direct Public Offering platform and VistaWEB Wireless ...Connecting Capital & Technology©, enables High-Tech Public and Privately-Held Companies to raise global capital.

And features them for listing on NASDAQ or ATS Securities Market* S.E.C.& NASD Regulated, to establish Securities Trading and reflect value to Shareholders & Stakeholders. ATS operates as an Electronic Marketplace for Direct Investors without Market Makers, and features "After-Market" Liquidity, No Short Selling, No Spreads or Margin Buying.

VistaWEB's new electronic platform allows instant fund raising online by simply posting all text prospectus' online, VistaWEB integrates OmniWEB High Tech Accelerator and VBC Broadcasting Channel to showcase emerging technologies using cutting-edge graphics and multi-media animation.


The world's first online investment banking firm to specialize in technology development, Direct Public Offering raises equity capital funding from a growing Electronic Global Syndication of Direct Investors Who support stock distribution. Direct Public Offering - IPO Spotlight TM

The cornerstone of VistaWEB's Global Stock Offering Program, each company featured on Direct Public Offering has a user-friendly way to instantly access valuable insight on exactly how a technology works, its commercial applications, the way in which it will be positioned in the marketplace, and the people behind it. All of which heightens their level of understanding before downloading a prospectus and transacting an online stock purchase.

OmniWEB High-Tech Accelerator, Aerospace to Telecommunications Company's who have not yet reached a suitability level to qualify for VistaWEB's IPO Spotlight, can be sponsored in VistaWEB's Incubator and Cyber High-Tech Showcase worldwide. At this early stage of new product development, companies can choose to receive Strategic assistance from VistaWEB's Syndication Directors.

Vista Growth Capital Syndication

A diverse, experienced team of financial, technology, legal and broadcast / communications experts, VistaWEB Syndication Directors provide end-to-end expertise in market ramp-up and product commercialization.

VistaCOM Marketing

VistaCOM creates dynamic multi-media presentations of advanced technologies featured in the site's IPO Spotlight and Beta Portfolio. Serves as a full-service marketing and PR resource for VistaWEB clients, and responsible for the creative product seen on the VistaWEB Broadcast Channel.

"VBC" - VistaWEB Broadcast Channel

VistaWEB is currently launching its own Broadcast Channel to deliver original and syndicated content on 10 high-tech industries.

The VBC will produce corporate sponsored programming delivered via live and on-demand video and audio streaming.

The editorial format will include interviews and panel discussions with technology experts, business and industry leaders worldwide, plus representatives from Technology Incubator Programs at prestigious universities, Lehigh University, MIT.

Expanding Operations

The Company plans to establish both a technology venture capital division and an online investment stock trading division, in partnership with an existing broker-dealer network. And the Company is currently licensing the OmniWEB Cross-Border securities platform With Affiliate Broker-Dealers and Merchant Banking firms around the world, USA, Europe, Asia /Pacific.


VistaWEB is strategically positioned to revolutionize online investment banking by capitalizing on robust web technology, creative digital media and the expansion of broadband. It is the only company that has developed under one domain, a multi-media driven, end-to-end investment banking solution for each investment offering.

*ATS - SEC & NASD Regulated, independently owned Registered Trading System

If you would like to join our VistaWEB licensed satellite network, please send your resume by e-mail to us:

About Global FranTech Group Licensing

FranTech consists of core partners surrounded by interlocking networks of consultants and affiliates in key trading countries and disciplines. They have over thirty-five years of experience with their proven partners. In addition, FranTech has proven track records in assembling, negotiating and consummating trade, licensing, technological and financial agreements; they pool strengths drawn from experience in international trade policy, law, marketing, investment banking and technology research.

This broad expertise, coupled with access to key governmental and business decision makers, provides financial services uniquely valuable to VistaWEB in the restructuring global economy. Vista Growth Capital Syndication is pleased to commence a strong working relationship with FranTech.

FranTech's mission
To foster the development of the Global Economy by providing a Global Perspective to investment banking, e-commerce, funding for developers, marketers, manufactures, and innovators of newly emerging and preemptive technologies. They offer world-class solutions for the licensing and transfer of USA innovations to emerging economies in 220 countries worldwide for over thirty-five years.

For information on this exclusive VistaWEB Global Online Investment Banking services and technology contact FranTech Asia 24/7 at: + 0090-932-706-7935

Submitted by: Shanker Damodaran, FranTech Asia, Ltd.