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National Campaign to Save Marriages Launched


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/20/2006 --Save the Relationship, a new coalition of leading family advocate organizations and concerned citizens, has launched a national campaign to raise awareness about the decline in marriage and to provide practical tools for promoting healthy couple relationships.

The campaign is a direct response to a report issued this month by the Census Bureau, indicating that married couples have become a minority of American Households for the first time ever.

Campaign headquarters have been intentionally set up in Manhattan in New York City, which reportedly has the smallest share (26%) of married couples of anyplace in the country.

In addition to supporting a broad based media and advertising campaign about the benefits of marriage, Save The Relationship will support the publication of a relationship toolkit including handbook, wall calendar, and various merchandise extolling the benefits of a healthy, happy relationship.

Says National Campaign Director Paul Johnson, “people get very heated about the need to save the whales and other endangered animals, but recent figures suggest that marriage is perhaps the most endangered species of them all. Why aren’t we making a fuss about that?”

According to Johnson, “The time is now to get Americans back on a healthy relationship track, before it’s too late. We are confident by acting now we can turn back the tide.”

In a bid to capture the attention of younger people, Save the Relationship will launch an educational video on the critical sate of the American relationship on the video sharing site YouTube. The campaign will also be setting up a Save the Relationship Island in the increasingly popular virtual world of Second Life.

Campaign goals include the return of marriages to a majority of U.S. Households by 2010, and the general improvement of couple and family relationships in the United States.

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