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Excel “SuperCharger” Released to Financial Analysts

Excel can now easily, instantly handle your most complex business analytics and reporting requirements


Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/23/2006 --“Excel now has the potential to be the most powerful financial reporting and analysis tool on the planet”, says Business Intelligence, Inc. CEO, Scott Thompson. “Our DataLinks SuperCharger unleashes the incredible power of Excel and gives Financial Analysts the unprecedented ability to instantly pull, organize and manipulate live, real-time data from a variety of disparate sources, any time they want it, as often as they want it…and all on the fly.”

It doesn’t matter what the business or industry, the chronic, major pain-point for Financial Analysts is the time-consuming, frustrating and inefficient process required to get data from multiple sources into Excel for analysis.

But those days of frustration are now over and the word of this good news is quickly spreading. With the revolutionary new DataLinks SuperCharger for Excel you can access and join data from multiple, disparate data sources in an easy-to-use interface.

With just your personal laptop and a copy of DataLinks for Excel, you instantly become more than a match for today’s incredibly expensive, cumbersome, and now-obsolete software which requires warehouses full of servers, an army of consultants to maintain it and which, in the end, can do only a fraction of the data gathering, analysis, manipulation and reporting you’ll be doing with DataLinks right out of the box.

Incredibly, DataLinks for Excel is truly “plug and play”…the learning curve can be measured in minutes for anyone who has just a passing acquaintance with Excel.

What’s more, you can apply simple or complex filtering criteria with the click of a mouse and dump the resulting dataset into a refreshable Excel report or multi-dimensional report, all without having to ask for any kind of help from your friends in IT. This is Excel at its best: real-time data from multiple sources, ready for manipulation and analysis, any time you want it, as often as you want it…and all on the fly!

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