Positive Affirmations Put Life Change On The Cards

Medical and scientific research have shown that affirming positive thoughts dramatically improves life outcomes. A new free service is available that makes it even easier for people to try it for themselves.


Cardiff, South Wales, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/27/2006 --The one concept that is common to virtually all self-help and success strategies is that of 'positive thinking'. Whether it is healing or simply wanting to improve life quality, both medical and scientific research demonstrate that a positive attitude is one of the key factors to achieving success.

It is estimated that over 75% of thoughts a person has each day are negative. These negative thoughts are damaging not only to the ability to succeed but can also be extremely damaging to health. One positive thinking technique used to counter this negativity is the use of 'positive affirmations'. These are short positive statements that a person can repeat regularly to help build a more positive attitude. This helps maintain focus on the positive and counters negative thinking. Most world class athletes use this and other visualization techniques to give themselves the winning edge.

Now a UK based website is offering free affirmation cards to its visitors, to help them apply the same techniques to their own lives.

"Positive thinking works and we just wanted to find a way to quickly and easily give our visitors a chance to try it for themselves" said a spokesperson for, the positive mindset website.

"People often don't realize how just a simple change in their thinking can have a massive impact on the success in their lives. Put simply, if people can get their thinking right, the benefits will naturally follow".

Visitors can select their own affirmation from a pack of affirmation cards. The cards cover positive affirmations for all aspects of life, from health and healing to love and romance. For further details on how to use positive affirmations or to try the free affirmation cards visit ., the 'positive mindset' website, helps people achieve and maintain a 'winning attitude' for success in all aspects of life, from performance enhancement to improving health, wealth and happiness. Established in 2005, provides free resources and information on positive thinking techniques as well as offering additional support services.