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Family-friendly websites make travel with babies, toddlers, children and teens easier, safer and a lot more fun. Websites provide travel tips, expert travel advice, and family travel products.


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/27/2006 --Now that Halloween is upon us, have nightmares of travel by plane, train, and automobile begun to keep you awake at night? As the holiday season approaches, travel with kids is getting easier with assistance from family friendly travel accessory websites like Family Travel Gear. Family Travel Gear is one of a handful of family-friendly websites that is dedicated to providing families traveling with babies, kids and teens with products, tips, check lists, advice and more to take the hassle out of holiday family travel.

Many parents cringe at the thought of traveling long distances with their children. Fearful thoughts of holiday family travel can range from traveling with teething babies, "are we there yet", and getting stuck at the airport with little ones in tow. Traveling with kids can be a nightmare, or it can be a fun adventure and even quality time when mom and dad have planned ahead. Many family travel accessories sites offer tips from seasoned parent veterans who have thoroughly tested and approved products.

Now there are many comfort items that pack down small, and are light weight and easy to carry on your flight. Parents can turn Economy Class into First Class with the kids by simply bringing along some wonderful creature comforts. Available on the market are travel pillows for kids, fleece blankets, travel games, snack and play travel tray items and more to turn your long road trip or flight into a fun, comfy adventure.

Road Travel – Do thoughts of flat tires, getting lost, or car clutter get you down? Technology has come a long way and now you can inflate a flat with a 12 volt pump, while your GPS locates the nearest service station, restaurant, hotel, Grandma’s house and more! Your car clutter can be virtually eliminated as well with the many car organizers available, from kid’s back seat organizers, to backseat snack stations, and front seat traveling business centers, there’s no end to how organized and tidy your car can become.

The single biggest nightmare of any parent traveling with little kids is simply having an unhappy child for the long haul. The main trick is to keep the little one busy with some creative activities that they can work on during the trip. Pull out something new when they start to get bored. It’s easy, and many games, toys, and activities are travel size so you can carry several of them without taking up valuable cargo space.

Get in gear for travel this holiday season by being prepared, organized, and ready to get out and go. Family-friendly websites provide the key to happy travels with products that keep the car clutter free, the kids entertained, the parents comfortable, and the family safe.

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