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Fossil Fuels are a real dinosaur - Long live the Soy Bean

In a world of diminishing fossil-fuels, the little soy bean is starting to sling a huge Wick against the fossil-fuel paraffin wax industry!


Zionsville, IN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/30/2006 --In a wave of popularity, the common soy bean is a giant- walking among destructive fossil fuels. The common soy bean, bio-degradable and already accepted as a reusable energy source, is quickly gaining acceptance and popularity among candle lovers everywhere!

Zionsville Candle Company has partnered with hundreds of health-conscience-minded retailers to offer the most natural soy candle (paraffin alternative) on the market.

Founder, Chris Anderson, remarks, "We're so(y) caught-up in this fast-paced market that we're burning the candle at all ends! Since founding Zionsville Candle Company in 2005, the Andersons have been very busy promoting their all-natural line of soy candles, robustly fragranced to offer the highest-quality, clean burning scented candles. Zionsville Candle is re-launching its website on November 1 to accommodate the vast demand from consumers as well as retailers looking for an easy solution for their customer’s demand for healthy alternatives to paraffin. "We also offer rustic, contemporary, and even a custom pet line of soy candles for our clients," remarks Chris.

Zionsville Candle Company can be contacted at www.zionsvillecandlecompany.com