Online Singles LLC blogging Meets Dating has made another happy union by introducing blogging and kudos to the world of online dating.


Ft Lauderdale, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/01/2006 has introduced blogs to the standard dating website. "Turning to blogs was only a natural progression in the online dating industry. Blogs are an ideal way of getting to know someone through their own words and expressions,' said Luke Kalish, President of Matchdoctor. A blog is an online diary or a frequently updated personal web page. On Matchdoctor, you can use blogs as your own personal space on the site to share with other members how you are feeling and what you are thinking about anything - from personal issues to site feedback to public opinions. Other members can place comments on blogs and can lead to some interesting discussions.

Blogging is not the only new feature this site has integrated. Kudos, the latest feature to be added, is a method of showing approval of blogs. Users anonymously give or remove kudos from another member's blog. 'Giving someone kudos' means acknowledging that you approve and really like their post. The kudos system highlights the special content on Matchdoctor. When browsing blogs, a member may notice a blog with lots of kudos and will know that it's most likely a good read or has some good information. Members receive a limited number of kudos per day. By limiting the number of kudos users receive, it encourages them to spend them wisely.

Matchdoctor plans on continuing to add popular features as long as the users are happy and content with the steady and constant progression of the site. " is a site built by its members. Sure we program it, but it's your feedback that determines what ultimately happens," Jason Tarlowe, CEO. The site continues to remain free, in spite of the extra features and growth.

Online Singles, LLC was founded by Jason Tarlowe and Luke Kalish in 2000. Florida-based began with just a few hundred members, but has grown exponentially since then, recently surpassing the one million member mark. Another affiliated website under the Online Singles, LLC umbrella is for intimate adult dating.

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