Camp Chef

Camp Chef Introduces New Version of its Popular Turkey Cannon

The Turkey Cannon, which can bake a 12-pound turkey in about an hour, has been redesigned for easy cleaning and storage, just in time for the holidays


Logan, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/02/2006 --Camp Chef, a Utah-based manufacturer of high-end cooking equipment, today introduced a new, redesigned version of its popular Turkey Cannonä that is easier to clean and easier to store and is perfect as a gift for Thanksgiving and Christmas chefs.

To make it even easier to clean and store than before, the new Turkey Cannon utilizes a two-part “cassette” design construction consisting of a wire rack and the Turkey Cannon’s roasting cylinder, a cylindrical tube, that can be joined and separated with a simple slide and snap motion.

Originally introduced in 2005, the Turkey Cannon allows chefs to slip a turkey or large chicken onto the roasting cylinder, which can be filled in advance with a chef’s favorite broths or marinades and is the key to cooking a great bird. The Turkey Cannon and bird then sit easily on top of a cookie sheet in a kitchen oven or inside an outdoor barbeque grill where baking infuses the meat with moisture and flavor from within while the poultry roasts on the outside. The result is a 12-pound turkey that can be baked in less than an hour and a half resulting in meat that is amazingly moist and tender.

“The Turkey Cannon was originally intended to make it easier for BBQ fans to prepare ‘beer can turkey’ on the grill,” said Ty Measom, Camp Chef president and inventor of the patented Turkey Cannon. “However, early tests showed that besides resulting in a very tender turkey, the Turkey Cannon also baked birds as large as 24 pounds in half the time. Because of this, the Turkey Cannon is becoming a phenomenon that is expanding beyond the niche of die-hard grillers.”

Liquid placed inside the roasting cylinder creates steam inside the turkey or chicken cavity, which helps cook the meat from the inside as well as the outside. Consequently, indoor chefs and cooks find the Turkey Cannon reduces time spent in the kitchen, which is especially helpful during the busy holiday season. After using it to bake a great turkey, the Turkey Cannon can be easily disassembled for quick cleaning and the roasting cylinder can be laid flat against the rack for convenient storage.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the Turkey Cannon is $24.99, and it can be purchased online or in selected retail outlets throughout the United States. Those interested in finding out more about the Turkey Cannon and how to cook a delicious, tender turkey in half the time should visit