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Viral Video Research Campaign Increases Clickthrough Rates More Than 750 Percent, Marketing Reports

MEC’s preliminary research results show viral videos successfully attract qualified customers and subscribers


Jacksonville Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/02/2006 --Viral video marketing campaigns produce 750 percent more clickthroughs than traditional banner ads, according to preliminary figures released today by, an online marketing research laboratory.

“Researchers and analysts speculated that viral videos would transform the way online marketers attract qualified customers,” said Jalali Hartman, director of strategy for MEC. “These preliminary research results are a clear indication that amateur viral videos not only effectively drive viewers to company sites, but also help convert viewers into customers and subscribers.”

As part of a comprehensive six-month study, MEC Labs is publishing short non-commercial videos and measuring the number of times they are viewed, how many clickthroughs are generated and how many site visitors convert into customers. Research results will help online marketers better understand what makes a successful viral video, how videos can relate to a product or service and which videos will attract the more qualified visitors.”

In addition to generating clickthroughs and subscriptions, MEC’s viral video preliminary study results provide insight into social media optimization and give marketers Six Essential Tips to Maximize the Viral Potential of Viral Videos.

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