Bartels Media

First Productivity Software to Calculate Its Own Return-on-investment


Trier, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/02/2006 --Bartels Media, Inc. has released PhraseExpress v3, a typing utility program which organizes frequently-used text phrases and reduces repetitive typing.

PhraseExpress provides the AutoCorrect feature - as it is known in Microsoft Office - in any application. Abbreviations such as "kr" are expanded into full phrases like "kind regards" while the user types. This useful feature now also works in Internet browsers, chat programs or any other program.

Those who do any repetitive typing will immediately recognize the benefits of PhraseExpress. Using boilerplate templates considerably shortens response times, avoids typing errors, and assure consistent communication company-wide.

PhraseExpress compares the amount of characters of the pasted phrases against the user's average typing speed and accurately display the time and money saved. Calculating the return-on-investment has never been easier with any kind of productivity software.

The new PhraseExpress Server allows sharing common phrases in a network environment. Changes on the shared database are instantly synchronized on all workstations.

PhraseExpress is free for personal use, runs under Windows 98 (or better) and can be downloaded from The Commercial Edition cost US$ 19.95 (volume discount is available).