MailFoundry Takes Image SPAM Off The Email Menu

MailFoundry Beats Spammers At Their On Game When It Comes To Image Spam


Green Bay, Wi -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/03/2006 --MailFoundry, the world’s leading provider of Human Intelligence based anti-spam solutions finds that it’s recently released Message IQ 3.0 anti-spam engine is tops when it comes to removing spam from customers inboxes. Message IQ is adept at removing the pesky “image spam” messages that confound other anti-spam systems.

“When it comes to innovation, spammers seem to be on the top of their game when it comes to creating spam that can slip past traditional anti-spam systems.” remarked David C. Troup, CEO and Founder of MailFoundry. “Message IQ was designed specifically to deal with these creative innovations, and we’ve heard firsthand from customers who report that the new engine accurately kills greater than 99% of the spam that hits their networks.”

Message IQ 3.0 is a new anti-spam engine released earlier this quarter by MailFoundry to it’s appliance customers and hosted anti-spam customers world-wide. A completely new code base and engine profile, Message IQ is the anti-spam industry’s latest generation of spam killing technology that isn’t plagued by learning heuristics, spam spoofing and image spam that easily slips past other systems.

“In its public beta, we knew that MessageIQ 3.0 was a good engine, but now that’s its in the wild with customers world-wide, its performing beyond expectations.” said Mr. Troup, ”We just had a customer perform a head to head test against the leading anti-spam provider, and MailFoundry was accurately and consistently identifying greater than 99% of spam while the other solution was no better than 85%.”

Troup continues, “When it comes to image spam, you know - the stock spams, etc., there’s nothing better than MailFoundry. Period. While other systems attempt to do OCR or other methods to pull the spam text from the image, MailFoundry uses next generation identification techniques that defeat even the most clever spammer’s attempts to sneak past our anti-spam system.”

MessageIQ 3.0 is available in the entire MailFoundry best selling line of anti-spam appliances and also on its hosted anti-spam service where the first 10 mailboxes are free. Appliances can be ordered online from, calling 1-888-302-MAIL (6245) or through the MailFoundry world-wide reseller network.

MailFoundry is a leading provider of anti-spam appliances and subscription services based on human intelligence spam profiles that protect more than five million email addresses world-wide. MailFoundry’s line of network appliances protect up to 30,000 users per unit and each come with a free 30 day trial.