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High Fantasy Online World Building Community Awards $1,000.00 Grand Prize Winner and MVP!

LoM Announces Mernacian Most Valued Player


Pompano Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/03/2006 --Legends of Mernac, this week announced the winner of a contest that began September 1st of this year. The challenge presented to all; write a non-fiction submission, detailing specific contributions to the site, including, but not limited to, contributions to content (Stories or Art), creating guides, resources, special assignments, user recruitment, affiliate strategies, and more.

Many competed, several qualified submissions were received, but only one winner could be crowned. The winner of the MVP $1,000.00 Grand Prize was awarded to LindaC. She has been a registered member of LoM since July 2006. She is a Writer, Instructional Designer, Online Instructor, Wife, and Mother and is co-owner of, an on-line learning community. Her contributions to LoM include writing over 100 saplings, generating 11 contest ideas, writing eight How To’s, several user Mernac user guides, and the entire FAQ. She also has two separate running branches entwined in the never-ending saga of Mernac, and was recently promoted to the prestigious title of God, and was dubbed Quont. There are 20 Gods in Mernac, all of which are/will be instrumental in the storylines and gaming, as well as, the administrative guiding forces that create the world-building community that is Mernac.

LoM is an on-line series of interlinked stories (contributed by various authors from around the world) spanning a 10,000 year history of a mythical world named MERNAC. All LoM fantasy short stories and multi-volume sagas are illustrated with exceptional art (also contributed by various artists spanning the globe). The public can also access this art at no cost through the Main Gallery, as well as, by specific Galleries, such as, Fantasy Art Gallery, Fairy Art Gallery, Dragon Art Gallery, and Mermaid Art Gallery. All stories, sagas, and art are all connected by series of “LINKS” maintaining a streamlined commonality throughout the “world”. Public access to all stories and art is provided at no cost.

LoM is built upon a concept created by Rick Merriman, called OSC, or Open Source Creativity. OSC borrows some concepts from some of the large programming communities, where numerous programmers all work together toward a common goal, and the “code” they write is completely viewable to anyone. OSC is different in that it involves not only programmers, but also writers, artists, musicians, marketers, and more. OSC also is designed to not only foster and promote creative people’s talent, but also provide them recognition and financial compensation.

To learn more about The Legends of Mernac or OSC, or to schedule an on-line interview with Founder, Rick Merriman, please contact Heather Merriman, Director of Publicity at 954-298-5481 or

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