E-Learning Online Subscription Services: Host Your Own Classroom Online

EduPros offers a new Teacher/Instructor Hosting Subscription Service.


Etobicoke, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/03/2006 --EduPros ( today the introduction of it's EduPros LMS Teacher/Instructor Hosting Subscription Service.

This subscription costs $100 and is valid for 12 months. It entitles a teacher/instructor access to a shared teaching online site. This subscription is limited to 1 teacher.

More information can be obtained here:

This service will enable teachers and instructors as well as HR professionals and trainings the opportunity to develop their own online classroom. Operating in the EduPros LMS environment this new service will offer a full featured learning management system that can be customized for a particular course, training session or workshop. "We are very excited about this offering, it brings the online environment to teachers, instructors and trainers allowing them experience a true virtual learning platform" says Jana Smith, EduPros President. "The subscription model offers the flexibility of participating and developing and online learning environment without a large outlay of capital".

The capabilities offered within the service are unprecedented allowing a Teacher or Instructor to:

* to build and host up to 4 courses over a period of 12 months accommodate up to 300 students
* create and post directories and hyperlinks to other websites
* upload a banner specific to the institution or particulars of the instructor
* create and maintain up to 50 individual instructional sessions
* include standard files up to 1 MB in size in their course (Examples of such files are png, jepg, gif, rtf, flash and shockwave, pdf and MS Word files such as Power Point)
* create and maintain a calendar with important events
* schedule assignments and tests
* schedule real time (synchronous) chat
* create and maintain discussion forum as an asynchronous way of communication
* attach a file of up to 5MB to the forum
* create and maintain a database with sorting capabilities
* create online assessment including interactive quizzes based on multiple choice, true/false and matching
* create self-grading tests with an overriding function
* obtain activity reports and detailed logs of individual student

EduPros is a Canadian company established in 2001. Besides providing a wide variety of custom made educational media, EduPros delivers solutions including designing, developing, maintaining and hosting online courses, workshops and training as well as online hosting subscription services.