New Release from kalmstrom.nu Outlook Solutions: Calendar Browser for Outlook V5

For management and bookings of resources and meeting supplies. Based on Public Folders or Mailboxes, requires no client installation.


Borgholm, Sweden -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/06/2006 --Calendar Browser for Outlook is a groupware for booking and searching for resources of any kind within an organization – from meeting rooms to cars, projectors, equipment and even team members and personnel – and on top of that it offers a possibility to easily book supplies to go with the resource.

Calendar Browser for Outlook simplifies organization resource booking and management. The software is based on the Microsoft Exchange server, where the resources are stored in a public folder, as an Exchange mail account or as a combination of both.

Calendar Browser for Outlook has a familiar Microsoft Outlook look-and-feel, and it is simple to book a resource and make an appointment and also to change the time or resource at any point.

Searching for free resources on Calendar Browser for Outlook, as and when required, is easy – just specify the date, time, duration and seats needed, and resources that are not available will be hidden.

To help the end users choosing the appropriate resource, Calendar Browser for Outlook includes the possibility to add an HTML description of each resource, with text, pictures and links. In the same form additional services for each booking can be ordered – for instance, catering services, conference material or IT equipment. Cost center can be set to mandatory for side services. Bookings can also be tied to projects (persons, units, customers etc), a possibility that also can be set to mandatory.

The Calendar Browser for Outlook Overview presents an overview of the resources, making it easy to find a free resource or to check the scheduling of team members. Moreover it is possible to print the overviews, export them to Excel or save them as HTML for web publishing.

Installation of Calendar Browser for Outlook takes only a few minutes and requires only a file server. If the end users run Microsoft Outlook XP or 2003 no client installation is needed,. With Office 2000, the Outlook View Control will be automatically downloaded from Microsoft.

Calendar Browser for Outlook works on all language versions of Microsoft Outlook, and the user interface is localized for fifteen languages.

Calendar Browser for Outlook can be freely downloaded from www.kalmstrom.nu and evaluated for 30 days without any obligations. The price for an Organizations License is only 500 USD, and that includes one year of the kalmstrom.nu Support Subscription Services. It is also possible to buy the source code..

See http://www.kalmstrom.nu for more information on Calendar Browser for Outlook. Also feel free to contact:

Bahrur Ipham: support@kalmstrom.nu
Kate Kalmström: sales@kalmstrom.nu