Popular Online Dating Site Explores the Importance of Politics and Social Issues in Today’s Dating Landscape

More than 8,000 People Respond to OkCupid.com “Election Day” Quiz; Abortion and the War in Iraq are Top Two Political Issues in Relationships Today


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/03/2006 --OkCupid, the completely free website that offers a quizzical view on online dating, today announced the results of an “Election 2006” quiz designed to explore how important political and social issues factor into the current dating landscape. The quiz, available at http://www.okcupid.com/politics, was taken by more than 8,000 people and included light-hearted and serious questions that cut to the heart of how strongly people feel about social and political issues and whether they want their partners to share their convictions.

When asked which issue is the most important for a significant other to agree on, 36.5 percent chose abortion, 21.4 percent said the war in Iraq, 19.3 picked the environment, 12.7 percent answered George Bush’s IQ, and 10.1 percent said taxes.

When it comes to sexual performance, 82.6 percent of respondents said that Democrats are better in bed, with only 17.4% siding for Republicans.

On the topic of marriage between political parties, 71.9 percent said they would rather have an affair with a Republican, but marry a Democrat, while only 28.1 percent said they would want to have an affair with a Democrat, but marry a Republican.

“Today’s online daters are fun and passionate people who are looking to be intellectually, emotionally and sexually stimulated, not just matched based on height, favorite song and whether they like picnics,” said Sam Yagan, chief executive officer and co-founder of OkCupid.com. “The enormous response to the ‘Election Day’ quiz provides a view into the serious and not so serious side of today’s singles and offers interesting insight into the issues that are not only important to them, but important to share in a relationship.”

For more results from the Election Day quiz and other socially-relevant quizzes available at OkCupid.com, please contact Amanda Sina Griffith or Dawn Sullivan at 781-684-0770.

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