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New York Hudson Valley Doctor Published as Leading Expert in Best Selling Wellness Book

Dr. Lynne Kavulich, D.C., anti aging specialist, has co-authored a new book, The World’s Best Kept Health Secret Revealed. It is the third book in a best selling health and wellness series.


Hopewell Junction, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/07/2006 --New York Hudson Valley has produced a local celebrity and best selling author. Dr. Lynne Kavulich, D.C., anti aging specialist, has co-authored a new book, The World’s Best Kept Health Secret Revealed. It is the third book in a best selling health and wellness series. Dr. Kavulich’s book has already become a best seller with sales of over 11,000 copies before going to print. The entire three best selling book series has sold over 70,000 books worldwide.

Dr. Lynne Kavulich’s book has quickly become popular because readers are learning new information on a highly researched, little known health threat: subluxations (pronounced: sub-lux-ay-shuns). The book reveals that by easily and painlessly removing subluxations people are able to think clearer, have more energy and maintain higher levels of health among many other benefits for both children and adults.

“Have you ever had a “fogginess” come over your mind or had trouble remembering things? Have you experienced the aches and pains of “getting older”? Are you continually sick, lacking energy or among the first to experience allergies, colds or flus? This could be an indication that your body is suffering with subluxations,” says Dr. Lynne Kavulich of American Wellness Care in Hopewell Junction, NY. American Wellness Care is a multi-disciplinary healing center offering chiropractic, medical massage, clinical nutrition, and anti-aging wellness programs.

In her presentations Dr. Kavulich tells her audiences:

• What are subluxations: How can they negatively affect your health without any forwarning? Do you have chronic severe back pain caused by lower back muscle strain? What exercises to choose for back pain?
• What are the tell-tale signs of subluxations? What are the functions of the brain, nerves, and spinal cord?
• How to remove subluxations from your body in as little as a few minutes painlessly and without surgery. What is the cause of neck and shoulder pain radiating into the back and the role of neck pain and back pain products?
• Who are the most inclined to suffer from subluxations? How can they avoid them? Alternatives to over the counter medications for back pain.
• Detailed, yet entertaining, information about the research behind the health concerns created by subluxations. Why choose Chiropractic for golfers and other sports? When to use back braces for back pain.

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American Wellness Care, a multi-disciplinary center providing chiropractic and holistic care techniques with 25 years of serving Hudson Valley residents.

About American Wellness Care: American Wellness Care, Located in Hopewell Junction, NY. specializes in the areas of Chiropractic, Nutrition, and Weight Management. Medical Massage, Therapeutic Exercise, and Stress Management complement our healthcare offerings. Our licensed therapists specialize in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Massage as prescribed by your physician.

The Mission and Purpose of American Wellness Care is to regain and maintain your health. We too often assume that a lack of symptoms is equal to being healthy. When symptoms do appear, we are conditioned to suppress with a quick fix, losing sight of the CAUSE only to worsen and manifest later in a more serious condition.

American Wellness Care is renowned for offering programs for the prevention of degenerative disease. Our clients comment that the quality of care they have received "has surpassed all conventional approaches". American Wellness Care now offers the same Anti-Aging and Nutritional Supplements used by Dr. Lynne Kavulich and her patients online at

About Dr. Lynne Kavulich: Dr. Lynne Kavulich is Best Selling Author of The World’s Best Kept Health Secret Revealed. In addition, Dr. Kavulich is a Doctor of Chiropractic, who also specializes in Anti-Aging medicine and Clinical Nutrition.

Dr. Kavulich provides care to people of all ages desiring greater health benefits. Through her 30 years of experience in medical research, chiropractic and applied clinical nutrition she discovered specific systems, behaviors and strategies that significantly launch ordinary people to extraordinary health…youthful and energetic health at most any age.

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