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Barnaul, Altai, Russia. -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/09/2006 --In spite of dynamic development of modern technologies the problem of monitoring real-time data not only remains topical but it becomes more and more critical. This is connected to the fact that increasingly more information appears and it should be processed and represented in the way facilitating its perception and understanding. Data visualization is a difficult task because information is received in real time mode and should be immediately represented in the clear and precise form.

At the moment BI market provides a great number of solutions such as KPI, EIS applications and digital dashboards offering visual data representation by means of easy-to-understand elements: tables, charts, gauges.

Development of applications for data visualization with the help of various gauges became easier and more convenient as Perpetuum Software LLC released a new version of the Instrumentation ModelKit.

The Instrumentation ModelKit 2.1 provides features designed specifically to facilitate development of data visualization applications and increase developer productivity.

The delivery package includes 80+ ready-made gauges and other controls, and that is much more than any other similar product offers.

Intuitive instrument designer considerably optimizes and streamlines the process of gauges development. It is possible to select all visual elements such as ticks, labels, Joint and Guide trajectories with a mouse. Elements under the mouse pointer are automatically highlighted

Any gauge constituents (scale, ticks, text and numeric labels, and other visual and non-visual elements) can be easily modified and customized according to user requirements; all settings are assigned visually in the designer. It is possible to assign color, fill, size, location, styles and even interactive behavior to virtually any gauge element without writing a single line of code.

Flexible layout management system performs automatic positioning of scale elements (ticks and labels) subject to their values, font, size etc.

High-level elements significantly accelerate development of complex instruments. They are such elements as RangedLevel, LinearLevel, Tank, ScaleTitle, ScaleMarks.

The Instrumentation ModelKit allows not only modification or adjustment of gauges, but their creation from scratch according to your requirements. Designing from scratch is also executed visually in the designer and doesn’t require specific skills or knowledge. Creation of complicated, industry-specific gauges will take a few minutes.

A unified sample browser which provides a set of comprehensive samples is included in the delivery package. It helps to explore the library and search for the example demonstrating the required functionality in a moment.

All these advanced features make the Instrumentation ModelKit one of the leading data visualization components.

More detailed information on the product and evaluation version is available on the vendor web site:

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Perpetuum Software LLC specializes in development of high-quality .NET and ASP.NET software components compatible with MS Visual Studio .NET, C# Builder, Delphi .NET and other IDEs supporting .NET Framework. Such use-proven components as Report Sharp-Shooter, Instrumentation ModelKit, OLAP ModelKit, Chart ModelKit and other .NET components by Perpetuum Software are already well known on the software development market and are used by developers in more than 50 countries.