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Transbeam provides Corporate and Small Business Clients with More Options and Less Spam Thanks to CanIt-PRO

The company spent the better part of a year searching for the right anti-spam solution.


Ottawa, ON, Canada -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/10/2006 --As a provider of “One Stop Shopping” for Corporate and Small Business clientele nationwide, New York City's Transbeam offers everything from high-speed DSL and T1 Connections to Long Distance and VoIP telephone services. Although they were originally using Roaring Penguin's MIMEDefang anti-spam product, they were wooed to another product. As Transbeam's Server Administrator, John Dudley explains, it wasn't long before things were going downhill. “The new spam filter couldn't handle the load of email. It slowed down, then finally stopped working altogether.”

“It was definitely a priority on the 'To Do' list.” Says Avi Nebel, Executive Vice President and Director at Transbeam. The company spent the better part of a year searching for the right solution. “We spent an endless amount of hours in engineering meetings trying to come up with something solid. We spent so much time debating, testing, and even purchasing various products before we arrived at the CanIt solution.”

OK, They're Impressed!

After using other products, all of which came up short, Transbeam decided to try CanIt internally and as Dudley explains, it was an eye opener. “People were immediately impressed with the simple and easy to use GUI.”

Next they tested CanIt on several client domains. The results were positive and before long they were rolling it out to all their clients. Nebel notes, “It was a major uphill battle trying to find the right solution that gave the clients what they wanted and the control they needed. If clients are getting lots of spam they assume it is because the service we're providing isn't up to snuff, when in actuality it was the anti-spam software that was less than adequate.”

Low Profile, and Low Maintenance Equal High Satisfaction

Dudley and his team run CanIt-PRO on Dell servers running the Fedora Core 4 OS. Customers have control of their filters through the CanIt login screen which Transbeam has chosen to brand and modify slightly. Dudley also enjoys the low maintenance of the product. “It basically just takes a few minutes every other week.”

As well as utilizing CanIt's anti-spam capabilities, Transbeam also utilizes the anti-virus as a backup to their existing anti-virus solution.

Nebel sums up Transbeam's experience with CanIt nicely, “The most important thing is that CanIt just doesn't crash! It performs better than programs that cost triple.”

Stay Branded

Transbeam has kept the CanIt-Pro login screen but branded it to match the colors and style of their organization and web presence.