Pad Print Machinery of Vermont

Pad Print Machinery Of Vermont to Unveil 6-Color Digital Ink Jet Machine

East Dorset, Vermont high tech manufacturing company prepares to complete the new 5/6 color UV ink-jet flat bed printer for Showroom debut slated for Early December 2006. Short runs and instant high resolution image changes primary benefits.


East Dorset, VT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/15/2006 --In another bold move, Julian Joffe, president and founder of Pad Print Machinery of Vermont, announced this week that his company will be taking the wraps off its 6 color non-pad based industrial printing machine. Scheduled for first “public” unveiling at the Pad Print showroom during December, the new machine, named XD-400-6, is expected to draw the attention of many of the companies existing client base as it is designed to fill an important niche in the product decorating market that has been dominated by more traditional analog printing techniques. The catch phrase Joffe brings up is “Digital direct”.

“I love this technology,” explains Joffe, “the graphics departments can now run production with none of the expensive intermediate pre-press operations that create waste and expense in both time and materials.”

“Time to market is dramatically reduced” explained Jon Hale, (COO) “We no longer have costly machine set-ups and short production runs are now an economic reality.”

The release of the new 5/6 color unit comes close on the heels of the Single color machine release that occurred at the NPE Trade Show held in Chicago.

“The NPE Trade Show was the most important one of the year for our company,” said Joffe. The new 6 color unit has a very unique feature that makes it extremely operator friendly, an “automatic height detection” system that automatically adjusts the print array height to the substrate in order to maintain optimal print quality at a true 600x 600 dpi. The optional integrated UV curing system means parts can be removed and packed immediately. Another exciting feature is the Job Queuing function, which allows jobs to be sequenced automatically with no operator intervention.

“We have been listening to our customers and have come up with a winner right out of the gate” said Hale. The all servo drive and Windows® based Operator interface make this a very simple and efficient flat bed ink jet printer.

“Productivity has also been addressed” said Joffe, “we are using a print engine that operates at 30” per second so that we can compete at higher production levels than many of the other printing systems.”

Hale explained that the XD-400-6 Digital printer represents the company’s dedication to providing innovative solutions to all types of decorating challenges. “The main advantage of the XD-400-series is flexibility. With no pads, clichés, and no screens to change , the manufacturing floor experiences virtually no down time. In analog set-ups, changing from one job to the next can take up to six hours,” explained Hale. “The XD’s will do it on the fly.”

The XD-400-6 employs a process wherein a piezo crystal receives an electrical charge. The resulting flex acts like a pump to force a drop of ink out of a nozzle and onto the surface. “We are using UV inks that cure within seconds,” said Joffe. “Decorating toothbrushes, for example, is a seamless operation where the brushes can be loaded into their shipping packaging, printed, instantly cured, shrink-wrapped and shipped. It really saves an enormous amount of handling time,” he added.

The company will have continuous live demonstrations of their new XD-400-6 at their spacious Vermont Showroom facility during the days leading up to the Christmas vacation.

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