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WikiMusicGuide Picks Artist and Music Site of the Week


Norwalk, CT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/14/2006 --After the recent success of its website launching, WikiWebGuide LLC now picks independent or upcoming artist and music site to be featured on the WikiMusicGuide’s front page every week at User nominations are welcome and votes will be tallied before posting.

The WikiMusicGuide site consists of factual information about artists, bands, songs and pages of newsworthy events in the music industry contributed and collaborated by the online music community. As the site features a NumberOneFan, an independent or new comer artist or band will also be chosen every week.

WikiMusicGuide will also be picking up small to medium music site to be posted on the WMG’s homepage to help and give them the extra exposure they need. Music site will be chosen in accordance to the worthiness of their contents and dedication that has significant impact in the growth of the online music community.

Interested parties may call Bienvenido David III at (203) 543-7141 or send an e-mail at Announcement for nominations will be posted on WMG’s page.

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WikiWebGuide LLC recently launched the WikiMusicGuide, the newest free music guide site that is committed in providing up-to-date and accurate information on independent artists, bands and groups of various generations and their works. Since it is wiki, users and visitors can freely edit, contribute and share facts and their own views. The site continuously grows through the active participation and contribution of the online music community. WMG is a comprehensive music resource that connects the fans and their idols together with one common passion –-music.