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Online Non-Fiction Writing Community Hosts Group Write-In Challenge, Open to Public

LoM Announces First Write-In


Pompano Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/15/2006 --Legends of Mernac, now in its third month of operation, is conducting its first "Write-In" group activity for both experienced writers and those who may never have written non-fiction before, but are interested in learning in a fun, exciting, and supportive atmosphere.

This group activity will center around The Battle for Traddlebow, a pivotal point in the early history of Mernac, a fantasy world created by site founder, Rick Merriman. Already 20+ main characters and nearly as many talented creators stand on the brink of a war. "We have also developed a means to include novice writers in this event, in keeping with our tradition of writers/artists helping other writers/artists, we are supplying complimentary tutoring and critiquing for any inexperienced writer who would like to participate. This has been a successful and powerful tool, as many novices have already enrolled and are well on their way to being published.

The Battle for Traddlebow Write-In will take place over the 4-day Thanksgiving weekend. All entrants will receive a special global brief on Wednesday, November 22 to use as a basis for the events that shape their character’s part in the story. From there, each scribe will have 4 days to complete their entry and turn it in. All entries will be compiled by the Mernac staff for publication on Mernac as a fully interconnected group of legends about the events leading to the Battle, and will most likely be published into an E-Book, with commissions royalties paid to all participants.

The Battle of Traddlebow takes place in the 3rd Millennium of Mernacian history and is widely considered the beginning of the period called the Sap Wars, one of the most violent and tumultuous periods published to date. This is an opportunity for users to shape the world of Mernac in a very big way. "If we get enough writers participating we could easily have a body of work the size of a typical fantasy novel," said Merriman late in October as the project was officially announced. The best part, there is still plenty of time for everyone to enter. The challenge is open to the general public and it is FREE to participate with the only requirements as follows: entrant must have a character story written and approved before Nov 17th. The character must be alive during the Sap War period (mid 2600’s). The character can live anywhere in Mernac. Although original characters are preferred, there are many characters already available in the Mernac archives that a willing scribe can access in a pinch. There has never been a better time to become a Mernacian Scribe. Come join the fun and the carnage at the Battle for Traddlebow on

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