Wholesale Pearls - An Entire Pearl Farm Has Been Brought On-line

Wholesale Pearls Directly from Pearl Farms in China for Business and Corporate Gifts


Santee, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/15/2006 --An interesting new service has been launched by www.orientalpearls.net and has been used by companies with success. They are selling freshwater pearls directly from pearl farms in China to businesses and corporations as promotional or employee gifts s worldwide.

Not only are businesses using individual loose pearls (from 1mm tiny seed pearls to 14mm large pearls)or finshed pearl jewelry made of freshwater pearls as gifts for their employees, or for their company’s anniversary gifts, but they are also giving them for their meeting or seminar attendees, and as give-aways for advertising or promotional gifts.

Real pearls as nature’s gift, have been treasured for centuries all over the world. What is the cost? “It is way lower than a coffee cup - the all too common give away gift.”

According to one meeting organizer: “After we handed out the gift, one woman rushed to me, saying thank you profusely because she had lost a pearl on one of her rings and for some time was not able to find a replacement pearl. And another guy was excited and trying to find out where he can buy more of these pearls because he collects lapidary stones, this will be another nice collection for him.”

That was for a meeting in Hawaii, organized by a company in California, (company would rather not to disclose their name) who ordered pearls through the on line freshwater pearls wholesaler and retailer, C. D. Plus, Inc., a California incorporated company through www.OrientalPearls.net, called Your Personal Network of Oriental Pearls, directly from Pearl Farms.

For another company in Australia, instead of picking a finished pearl jewelry product, what they did was send OrientalPearls.net a picture of a pearl necklace of their own, and gave a budget for 500 pearl necklaces for under $6 for each necklace for their company’s anniversary gift.

After 3 days, UPS delivered their free sample and the head of the company signed off, and paid by credit card. Within 5 days, 500 necklaces were delivered in blue silk pouches, the same color theme as the company’s logo, right before their company’s big celebration day.

“…you did exactly according to our specification at such a low wholesale cost for real pearls that I almost got my jaw dropped,” according to the company’s contact person’s email.

Think you need something that is not a pearl necklace? Yes they can make any kind of designs and objects, from 12 animals of the Chinese horoscope year to anything else that you specify. A UK media company sent in a picture of a TV tower; all they needed to provide was the dimensions, and after a few days, a free sample arrived.

“Just the right size, and the right shape as we specified. It was an unbelievable success when we gave them away as one of our promotions for a subscription. Because they are all made of real pearls, which have a perceived higher value, and also because each pearl is individually hand strung, it is a perfect display for either an office or a home. Our clients can’t get enough of it”.

This is the kind of phenomenon made possible only by internet and the express shipping companies. Now pearls of an entire pearl farm in China can be brought on line at the lowest wholesale cost. Almost any colored pearls can be processed by farmers in 1-2 weeks, and any quantity or design can be made by lower waged workers in China, with an exclusive line for each individual or each store, although the company is based in USA, incorporated in Califonia.