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“The Theory Of Everything” Star Victor Lundin Glorifies God Through His Gifting Of Acting, Singing, Story Telling


Los Angles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/01/2006 --The Trinity Broadcasting Network international premier of the Christian movie “The Theory Of Everything” is a project aimed at showing people the way to Christ by combining science, entertainment and faith, but even deeper, the actors in the groundbreaking movie live out their faith both on and off the screen. Such is the case with Victor Lundin, who has been around Hollywood for over a generation and has dedicated his gifting as an actor, singer and storyteller to glorifying God.

Lundin plays Dr. Eugene Holland who loved his wife so much that after she died during childbirth he embarked on a mission to find his deceased wife, and ultimately, God. During the quest, Holland is reunited with his son who he had given up for adoption and together they seek to find “The Theory of Everything.” The character Lundin plays, after being kicked out of his home by his daughter from another marriage while he is suffering from a degenerative brain disease, has an epiphany while staring at the Aurora Borealis in Alaska—that Jesus Christ is God. Lundin says the character he plays in the movie is a lot like real life.

“Over the years, I have learned the hard way,” Lundin explains. “The trials of life have reinforced my understanding that there is no way other than Jesus. Things did not change for Job until he stopped saying ‘why me?’ and said “why not me?’”

Lundin has had singing and acting roles throughout his adult life, beginning in the late 1950’s. He is noted for being the first ever Klingon in the classic hit Star Trek. And he has appeared in Gunsmoke, Get Smart, Batman, The Greatest Story Ever Told and he has dozens of other film and television credits. But he finds his most rewarding work these days in sharing the gospel message through his work. As one of his projects, Lundin has produced “Victor Lundin, the Storyteller” which is a CD compilation of moving stories and songs with a message of hope and inspiration for children of all ages.

“The Theory of Everything” premiered on Tuesday, November 1st on TBN with great success, but Lundin is not one to rest on his laurels. The very next day he used a football metaphor to issue this challenge to those who congratulated him on his performance:

“Now let’s work together to get God’s word out to the world. The score may seem insurmountable, the clock is running down, but I believe in miracles. Jesus is the quarterback and we will win this game for the sake of all mankind.”

“The Theory of Everything” was written, acted, directed and produced by David de Vos, who plays Doug Holloway, a family man on the verge of financial and marital ruin, who embarks on a journey to find his birth father, Dr. Eugene Holland (Victor Lundin). Dr. Holland is on a mission of his own - to prove the Holy Grail of physics - the Theory of Everything - that may prove the existence of God. His greatest challenge? Completing his quest before a degenerative brain disease (CJD) claims his ability to reason. Soon the two journeys become one as the men struggle together to rebuild their family and find new hope in God.

A moving story of family, faith, and theoretical physics, “The Theory of Everything” will inspire you to "Envision the Possibilities," says the Dove Foundation who gave the film 5 Dove Awards!”

Lundin appreciated teaming with de Vos to bring a powerful message to viewers of the TBN hit. “Dave de Vos was led to bring those words and images to the world,” Lundin says. “I was there to bring the message forth. The talents I brought to the movie just accentuated the message Dave wanted to deliver—that Christ is the answer.”

Find out more about Victor Lundin visit www.victorlundin.com. To purchase “The Theory of Everything” visit www.Christaincinema.com.

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