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High Fantasy Website, Legends of Mernac, Distributes First Issue of Mernac Muse, Free Monthly Newsletter

LoM Releases Highly Anticipated Issue 1 Mernac Muse with Great Success


Pompano Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/23/2006 --LoM released their first issue of the FREE monthly newsletter The Mernac Muse October 26, 2006. Recent reviews of the Muse received 100% positive feedback. All users have reported finding the FREE newsletter highly entertaining, informative, says one user, “this newsletter really creates a great fun atmosphere!” And the overall look of the newsletter is a wonderful artistic medieval theme that wonderfully complements the LoM site. The newsletter was designed by One World Designs based in the United Kingdom.

The free newsletter is full of fun features such as, the Police Blotter, Personal Ads, Classified Ads, Interviews, Breaking News, Sports Reports, and even their own Advice Column, all set in the world of Mernac. There are also fun contests and prizes, such as the Image Search contest, this past month’s winner being Caligan. Winners are also the subject of an Editorial submission on Mernac. Other popular columns include, Interviews with writers or artists and news from the developers of Mernac. This free publication has been found to provide many fun and exciting articles to read all tied in to the world that started it all, The Legends of Mernac. LoM has announced that this will remain a FREE publication, distributed to all Mernacians (site users) who Opt-In to receive it. You can also view the debut edition here. To receive each month’s edition, please click PREFERENCES at the bottom of your email and Opt-In to receive them.
The Legends of Mernac was created by Rick Merriman as an OSC project for high-fantasy enthusiasts. LoM is structured around a mythical world named Mernac, which is built by its user base. Future phases under development include animations, soundtracks, RPG gaming, movies and more. Full Access is FREE to the public.
OSC or Open Source Creativity is designed to create a new form of art and entertainment. It borrows some concepts from some of the large programming communities where numerous programmers all work together toward a common goal, and the “code” they write is completely viewable to anyone. OSC involves creative people from many disciplines; writers, artists, programmers, musicians, web developers, marketers, just to name just a few. The other difference is that OSC based projects are designed not only to foster and promote these creative people’s talent, but it is also meant to provide them with a way to generate recognition AND financial compensation for their efforts. The final unique facet of OCS comes with its philosophy. The primary drive of OSC is that the bulk of any profits made from an OCS project should be used to further promote and encourage the thousands (millions) of talented people in the world to explore and develop their creativity. LoM and all future OSC projects strive to create an open source, freely available, downloadable computer application which will allow contributing users to create full length television shows or movies that are of a commercial and professional quality.

To learn more about The Legends of Mernac or OSC, or to schedule an on-line interview with Founder, Rick Merriman, please contact Heather Merriman, Director of Publicity at 954-298-5481 or

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Heather Merriman
Director of Publicity
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