1880 Census Now Available at Launches First Census


Provo, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/22/2006 launched an installment (502,894 records) of its first census today, the 1880 Census. This census is the tenth US Census and represents a 30 percent growth in population from the 1870 Census.

“Censuses are a great way to establish family connections. Every ten years you receive a chronological snapshot of a family, which shows how each person is related,” said Paul Allen, CEO,

The 1880 Census is unique in that it is the first in its class to record the relationship between members living in the house, and the head member of the household.

“The thing that I love about census data is that it helps connect the dots between many diverse genealogy data bases. If you know any data element about a specific person and want to know more, you find that person in the census before or after that point in time. This helps confirm what you may already know and give additional details that you didn’t know,” said David Lifferth, President,

The 1880 Census contains records from 38 states, plus the territories of: Arizona, Dakota, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Alaska, which was not organized at the time, was also included. The US population at the time of completion in 1880 was more than 50 million.

The name, gender, birth place, occupation, marital status, race, relationships to head of household, county, state, father, mother, and locations of nearby cemeteries are included in the 1880 Census at

“This is the first of many census indexes that we hope to have at,” Allen said. “We want these indexes to be accessible and affordable to everyone.”

“The various census data sets, while not perfect, are the closest to consistent data collecting at any point in history. The ’snap shot’ of a country provides fascinating demographics that you cannot get any place else,” Lifferth said. “With each successive census, more data elements are known and tracked. In most of the census you can get family group sheet info that is not documented anywhere else except for the family bible.”

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