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Multi-Level Formula and Material Substitutions Distinguish Process Manufacturing ERP Leader BatchMaster

Multi-Level Formula and Material Substitutions Distinguish Process Manufacturing ERP Leader BatchMaster


Laguna Hills, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/27/2006 --BatchMaster is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) soft ware product providing process manufacturers the ability to operate their businesses more effectively with less effort and at lower costs.

BatchMaster provides comprehensive formulation management with version tracking and rollback capabilities. Formulas are scalable and materials can be measured in any defined unit of measure. BatchMaster supports multi-level formulas and easy material substitutions. Production yields can be assigned to any formula. BatchMaster is formula- and not BOM-based, with ingredients added by prescribed proportions measured by either volume or weight.

BatchMaster defines raw materials, work in process and finished goods in terms of any unit of measure with automatic conversion from one unit to another. Physical and cycle count utilities synchronize perpetual with physical inventories. Inventories can be valued using standard, average, LIFO, FIFO or lot cost. BatchMaster provides the controls and confidence necessary to reduce materials inventories.

BatchMaster’s SuperBatch™ supports the simultaneous launch of a series of production projects for all components within a batch. Process manufacturers can size a batch based upon a finished weight or volume or the availability of component materials. A batch can be defined as either a finished good or an intermediate. Batches can be defined as Fill (bulk to containers), Mix (raw materials and intermediates to finished goods) and Assembly (combination of finished goods to make up a deliverable product). BatchMaster provides the versatility of “partial close-outs” to assign production output for partial order fills for urgent customer requirements. A “critical materials” facility allows manufacturers to inquire if any material shortages will interfere with production.

BatchMaster eases the complexity of compliance reporting. Material Safety Data Sheets are entirely automated. Linked to formulas, an MSDS is automatically generated when a formula enters production for the first time or for the first time for a given customer. A new MSDS can be designed using Microsoft Word templates. BatchMaster supplies a wide range of MSDS reports, including period and year-end reports.

BatchMaster provides complete traceability – process manufacturers can follow an item from incoming raw material through multiple bins to the finished good sent to a specific customer. Lot tracking is used for both purchased items and manufactured items. Customers can choose from several lot issue methods and create custom serial and lot numbers for any item.

BatchMaster Software, Inc. has provided advanced ERP solutions for over two decades with more than one thousand five hundred installations worldwide. BatchMaster’s customers can be found in every formula or recipe-based business, including food, beverage, cosmetic, personal care, paint, coating, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and specialty chemical industries. Flexible, easy to learn and use, and scalable to grow with a process manufacturing business, BatchMaster is the definitive solution for the challenges facing small to midsize process manufacturers. BatchMaster has more than a hundred technical staff members of highly-qualified software professionals.