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One-of-a-kind manufacturer Nexgen Technologies Goes with Visibility ETO ERP

One-of-a-kind manufacturer Nexgen Technologies Goes with Visibility ETO ERP


Andover, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/27/2006 --Nexgen Technologies is an emerging leader in the manufacture of unique capital equipment designed for the semiconductor industry. Based in Santa Clara, CA Nexgen, leverages outsourcing of major components allowing their organization to focus on engineering, product development and testing. As a highly engineering focused manufacturer serving this dynamic industry their business model is simple, to be the best at delivering one of a kind capital equipment. Designing and building to customer specification is a major differentiator and the word has spread quickly much to the satisfaction of the entrepreneurial oriented Nexgen organization. Next step in continuing the success is optimizing the challenging parts of the business.

For Nexgen, operating at peak efficiency was critical for continued growth and profitability at the levels the business plan called for. According to Steve Naylor, Director of IT at Nexgen,”the challenges to growth meant we needed an integrated business system in place that add controls and facilitate the numerous challenges presented in an Engineer to Order business like ours. Critical areas we needed to improve upon included; speed and accuracy of quoting, managing actual costs, reducing cycle times between design and manufacturing, managing bom revisions and project costs, begin billing for projects based on progress, streamline our business procedures and eliminate wasted approval and notification bottlenecks.”

Nexgen Technologies current ERP system, a product first released in 1991, lacks several key areas that have now become critical to their business such as, multi-site, progress billing, workflow for process improvement and many other shortcomings that were limiting this complex Engineer to Order (ETO) manufacturer. As a result, Nexgen has been forced to be encumbered with system obstacles that slowed their responsiveness, hindered their visibility to project costs, and consumed unnecessary cycles due to lack of workflow creating ineffective sneaker net communications. This was costing the company in many aspects of the business.

Nexgen required a solution that could give them the controls and effective technology in combination with comprehensive functionality for their complex manufacturing requirements.

After many months of evaluation of ERP systems Nexgen selected ERP. According to Steve Naylor, Director of IT at Nexgen, “this ERP solution is exactly what we were looking for and is oriented on our type of one-of-a-kind manufacturing business. They understand our business demands and have 20 plus years of experience implementing their solution effectively. What we liked most was the comprehensiveness of the software and how it will enable us to optimize all areas of our business. From quotes, to costing, financial compliance, projects, business process improvements through workflow and will accommodate our growth with multi-entity and multi-lingual. Additionally, it was designed from the onset using Microsoft’s .net which gives us a contemporary business platform to grow our business on. “

With the recent advent of .NET technology, the problems encountered by Nexgen’s previous system limitations are erased with the ERP solution. It is 100% written in .NET-managed code,, has been developed from the ground up to support multi-site ETO/MTO manufacturers.

In summary, the ERP solution reduces hardware and maintenance costs for one-of-a-kind (ETO/MTO) manufacturers. With only a single database to manage, the inherent complexities of maintaining separate databases are eliminated, thereby increasing the accuracy of tracking costs.

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