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Accounting411 Profiles Digital Kanban by Datacraft Solutions

Accounting411 Profiles Digital Kanban by Datacraft Solutions


Durham, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/28/2006 --“The central hallmark of demand driven supply chain is a digital kanban system which achieves savings in several key areas,” according to Stephen Parker, CEO of North Carolina-based Datacraft Solutions.

• It reduces the need to build inventory. All production is initiated based on the immediate needs of customers. Inventory turns for digital kanban parts are optimized (a definition of lean accounting.)
• Time spent by customer service communicating on expedited parts issues is practically been eliminated through a demand driven supply chain. Often customer service staff members spend 40% of their time expediting part orders prior to digital kanban implementation.
• Sales have increased with the benefit of the e-kanban program because the copper manufacturer no longer uses capacity to build parts without an order to buy NOW. 100% of production capacity is utilized to build parts that are already sold as soon as they hit the shipping dock.

Parker insists, “Capacity is expensive and a demand driven supply chain via digital kanban provides lean accounting efficiency and elimination of waste.”

Business process efficiencies increase with digital kanban, since orders are no longer run through the scheduling department, cutting shop orders and batching them. Demand driven supply chain replaces a very long chain of events in the order entry and scheduling function. Customer needs are displayed in real time. Everyone, including the customer, can see the status of any digital kanban at all times.

This scorecard methodology along with digital kanban assists all manufacturing staff to understand the business and see the impact of their efforts manifested in better results. People want to know what they can do to make the business better, and link what they do to the financial results. Lean accounting provides a sense of ownership. Manufacturing staff now can understand what is occurring on the shop floor and make the appropriate changes.

Datacraft Solutions’ Demand Driven Supply Chain Network was profiled in the recent issue of Accounting 411 magazine; the article may be read in its entirety at

Datacraft Solutions ( has experienced significant growth in the past twelve months by eliminating complicated, expensive, time-intensive software implementations as well as extensive training regiments and the need for internal support. The Datacraft Solutions' replenishment supply chain digital kanban lean system allows customers access and fully utilize powerful lean benefits immediately for a low, predictable monthly fee. Services are scalable so manufacturers can design a Demand Driven Supply Chain Network.

Datacraft Solutions specializes in providing their clients with the tools they need to rapidly replace outdated manual systems with technology that speeds process flow and improves accuracy. Datacraft’s premier product, Signum has been developed around the Kanban concept of replenishment, and provides an invaluable tool for manufacturing companies to monitor process flow, lower administrative transaction costs, and improve decision-making ability.