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QC Software Profiled in Managing Automation

QC Software Profiled in Managing Automation


Cincinnati, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/29/2006 --There is a significant shift between (Warehouse Management Systems) WMS and WCS (Warehouse Control Systems) in the area of merging local data warehouses into enterprise data warehouses.

This convergence is being caused by:

Technology Advancements: The use of open software, relational databases and componentized applications architectures are enabling WMS vendors to provide real-time data management and interface responsibilities of the material handling system.

Functional Enhancements: The WMS has, over time, taken over more of the work handled by the ERP system, in areas such as inventory control, resource scheduling and order management.

New software tools are also enabling continuous monitoring and work flow functionality, thereby providing the means to efficiently and economically operate a warehouse or distribution center.

Consider the WCS a floor general or a traffic cop. Capturing real-time data such as pick rates and pick efficiencies are more geared toward this type of system than to a generic WMS focused on upper level management data.

Manufacturing Journalist Thomas R. Cutler profiled Warehouse Control Systems in Managing Automation. The article can be read in it’s entirety at http://www.managingautomation.com/maonline/exclusive/read/Commentary_Get_Ready_The_Next_Generation_Warehouse_Management_System_is_Coming_12419073.

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