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Emjen Engineering Inc. Launches Product Utilizing Latest Microsoft Programming and Deployment Methodologies and a Unique Payment Structure for Manufacturing

“…A new paradigm for Industrial Control Systems: The PLC Code Generator will change the landscape of PLC programming forever…”


London, ON, Canada -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/01/2006 --Emjen Engineering Inc.'s release of its' new product, The PLC Code Generator, includes a number of technology enhancements made possible via Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Frameworks.

The first enhancement is the use of Web Services. The PLC Code Generator software is a client program installed and run on a user's desktop PC. The application links to a centralized product database through these Web Services, providing the business services mechanism through which all data is formatted and transferred between the client application and the database.

The second enhancement is the application of Microsoft's new 'ClickOnce' deployment methodology. ClickOnce deployment allows the company to easily make changes and update ALL client applications. Each time the client application is run, ClickOnce performs checks for newly updated software releases and automatically installs the updates.

Emjen's unique payment structure is not so unique for an internet service, but is more so for a Manufacturing and Automation service. "Sticker shock is a major concern in any industry, but particularly in the Manufacturing sector. We have provided a pay-per-use payment structure in order to minimize this effect and we feel it is a perfect fit for the service we provide and closely aligns with the payment structure currently in place for

Combining these three methodologies places Emjen in an excellent competitive position in the marketplace. Not only do customers not have to outlay an exhorbitant amout of money for a software package, but they can also enjoy extremely competitive pricing for services as Emjen's overhead can be kept very minimal while still providing superior service and support of their product.

For more information on The PLC Code Generator and current promotional offers, please visit www.PLCCodeGenerator.com.

About Emjen Engineering Inc. and The PLC Code Generator

The PLC Code Generator is a product developed and marketed by Emjen Engineering Inc. of London, Ontario, Canada. Although recently established, our personnel have been providing controls automation solutions to manufacturers and machine builders in Southern Ontario since 1996. The PLC Code Generator was developed to service the needs of these companies to develop their capital programs more quickly and more cost effectively. With shrinking project timeframes and the never-ceasing pressure to reduce costs, our customers have been demanding productivity improvements throughout all aspects of their project lifecycles. The PLC Code Generator is our attempt to streamline the development of machine control programming and debug and to reduce manufacturer's Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their new and existing automation systems.

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