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Screaming Bee Releases Voice Changer Software That Works With Vista

Well in advance of Windows Vista release, Screaming Bee has launched a line of products that work with Vista. The MorphVOX voice changing products are now ready for the new Windows operating system.


Middleton, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/01/2006 --Screaming Bee LLC has released new voice-changing products that have the “Works with Windows Vista” logo. MorphVOX voice changer provides quality voice-changing to the MMORPG, Instant Messaging and Pro Audio markets. The new products also have improvements in voice learning and sound quality.

"We wanted to be ahead of the game when Windows Vista ships," explains Mark Ramirez, CEO of Screaming Bee. He adds, “Now that we’ve added Vista compatibility, the MorphVOX line of products should be ready for the next-generation Windows OS.”

Well in advanced of the release of Windows Vista, MorphVOX products have been tested extensively, and are now shipping with drivers that have been signed and pass all Microsoft tests enabling them to install and run on Vista x86/x64. This means that users can be confident of running MorphVOX products on Vista without any significant problems.

The new engineering effort by Screaming Bee enhances the number of operating systems that can run MorphVOX. In addition to Windows Vista, MorphVOX can run on Windows XP 64. And MorphVOX will continue to enjoy compatibility with older operating systems like Windows 2000 and XP.

Screaming Bee announced the launch of two new versions of MorphVOX voice changer. MorphVOX Pro Voice Changer will appeal to the Pro Audio/Video market, providing quality voice morphing and recording capabilities. MorphVOX Classic Voice Changer has a feature-set and price point which should appeal to online gamers, integrating well with any game and instant messaging program.

MorphVOX is currently being used by thousands of online gamers around the world to alter their voice. Players can now speak like their in-game character, whether they choose to sound like the opposite gender, an enormous giant or a grumpy dwarf.

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